Ep. 5 : "Get Ready For The Meltdown"

“The caterpillars 'dissolve' before rebuilding themselves into a beautiful butterfly! It felt like a powerful metaphor to me; that in order to undergo this incredible transformation, first we have to have a 'meltdown'."

Today's podcast comes from my archives and this was first recorded in the summer of 2018. Yet it's one of my favourite audios to date, not necessarily for quality of recording but for the message it shares, and one I have since shared with a number of clients.

We look at the transformation that comes from a caterpillar to a butterfly. But with a slightly different spin on things... This is about the meltdown, the inevitable meltdown that we go through in that process of transformation and and an acknowledgment to the protective elements, the container, we need to put in place that fully serve the process of our deep inner work.

I hope it resonates for you, too.

get ready for the meltdown.jpg

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