My veg patch

I have a vegetable patch. Not that unusual, I mean loads of people have them these days now that being healthy is much more the ‘in’ thing and doing it yourself gives the thumbs up to ‘people power’!

The difference is that my veg patch is at work. Now I think far fewer people could make that claim! Don’t get me wrong I also grow some veg on the patio at home but it is the veg patch we’ve created in the field outside the office where I work that really produces.  It began as a team effort, to compliment the company ethos to be green and sustainable and also to take advantage of the countryside setting where the office is based- pretty unusual for an architects practice- no high rise city office block here! 

It’s only really me who looks after the veg now, but I don’t mind that at all. I’m quite proud of my patch and all that it’s taught me over the last three years.

I enjoy spending my lunch breaks doing a little gardening, planting some seeds or picking a selection of veg and wrapping them up in little bags for my colleagues to take home (otherwise, despite their best intentions and promises of going outside to pick some veg for themselves it won’t get eaten!). I've grown an assortment of fruit and veg over the last few years but my biggest successes have been strawberries, potatoes and courgettes- keeping up with the courgette harvest is a challenge in itself, I ended up practically forcing them upon people!

Hidden amongst the veg!

Early season planting the seed potatoes with the amazing meadow backdrop (not a bad place to work- even if it is work!)

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