You know the feeling, when you are standing at the top of a hill with the wind in your face and your arms open wide…that feeling of being truly alive! It may be pelting rain across your back or the sun may be beaming down on your cheeks… but you are part of it all in that moment, part of the miracle of life.

It’s easy to loose that feeling in the day to day rush of life; our routines, lifestyles and commitments can all get in the way and sap our spirit, reducing us to a bubble of every day monotony.

Only if you let it.

Fight back and take control of those moments, take a step back and ask yourself ‘why?’ and ‘how?’

Why do I do things the way I do, and if it’s not working for me how can I make it better? Do you do things because that’s simply what you’ve always done, and even when faced with evidence to the contrary do you continue along the path you know because it’s safe and comfortable?

If you feel you want to change, you need to ask ‘how’? Put together a strategy and take small steps towards your goal. Become a doer and not a talker… take it to the next level!

Wellbeing for me is a balance… allowing yourself to be the best you possibly can whilst not compromising on who you are deep inside. This is true happiness.

Changing habits are not easy at first. It’s human nature to want to settle and be comfortable….but it is only through challenging yourself and your perceptions that you can grow into the person you have the potential to become.

Instead of running from fear, turn around and face it.

I am just starting out on this journey of self-discovery. These are the changes that I have brought about in my own life, I still have my off days when I fall off the waggon of course and I accept that that will always happen at times, but I encourage you to question yours, tackle those things that frustrate you, question your assumptions  and dig deep to become the person you know you can be and experience true happiness.

Every Sunday I post a ‘Silent Sundayimage that simply sums up a thought, a feeling or the memory of an experience… there are no words so that you can allow free reign to your interpretations and take moment aside to think.

Every Monday I follow on with a ‘Mantra for Monday’ to give a little boost to a Monday morning. Sometime we all need a few words of encouragement to keep us going.

You can find the full archives of these posts by searching for the key words above in the ‘keyword search’ box in my side bar. If you feel inspired then feel free to comment….we’re all in this together.
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