Where was your heart drawn and are you still honouring it now?

While I was clearing out my loft last month as part of The Minimalists challenge to get rid of items in accordance with the days of the month (i.e one item on the 1st, two on the 2nd etc) I came across boxes with books and binders full of my old A-Level essays. Some were typed, some handwritten. There must have been many hundreds.

It was fascinating flicking back through them all and gave huge clues and insights as to what I have ultimately created in my life to date.

My A-level subjects were Art & Design, Philosophy & Ethics and Pshychology and I excelled in them all. Art and creativity had always been been my dominant love and was the driving force for much of my teens and twenties. I went off to art college and then studied interior design and architecture at university before spending 8+ years working in an architects practice.

Yet over the years and without me even realising it, I have slowly but surely come home to my soul and integrated everything into one holistic framework.

My work as a designer, a coach and recipe developer is driven by a deep combination of creativity, curiosity and questioning the world around me.

As I emptied the files and stacked up the layers and layers of papers ready for recycling, I felt huge sense of clarity and of coming full-circle as I embark on this next phase of my life.

This process could not have been rushed, or consciously created. I feel strongly that it needed to find me, for me to realise almost retrospectively where might heart had landed without external influence driven by expectation. 

I'd love to hear from you... 

When you reflect back on your childhood days and your school years, where was your heart drawn and are you still honouring it now? If not, what might need to shift to bring you more in alignment?