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This is when it all started...

Two weeks ago, this came to me attention. 

Wow! This is when it all started... Wow, how time flies and how powerfully things can change...

It is now exactly four years to the day I began this blog. Four years!!!

I smile as I remember back when I'd had my blog going for a couple of weeks (back then it was purely a recipe blog as a outlet for my newfound vegan experiments) I'd posted a handful of recipes (with some awful photography!) and then I had a mental block... 

I specifically remember sitting down at the dining room table with a notepad feeling frustrated and telling myself "no way was I going to quit when I had only just started!!" I sat there and wrote a list of all the recipe ideas I could possibly think of, the list came to about 40 and I remember breathing a sigh of relief telling myself 'well at least that will be enough to see me through to the New Year'.

Seems so funny to reflect back now. These days I wake up on the middle of the night with recipe ideas flowing out of my head! 

I had no idea four years ago how much time, energy and commitment writing a blog would take. For what? Had I known back then I may have never started. I went in blind, muddling through, learning as I went along, one tiny step at a time. I had no followers and no comments for months on end... 

But I kept at it. I was determined.

I practiced, I improved, I found my voice, I grew into my own power and over time realised I was helping inspire others grow into theirs.

That kept me going. 

All I've ever wanted to do is serve you, to create and inspire curiosity. To give you permission to think differently to try new things and in doing so step into your power and create your own magic.

Your 'likes' and comments on my pages rock my world every single day! Please don't stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me going at times of huge doubt and allowing me to become the person I am today and will continue to become tomorrow.

I'm excited to see what the next four years will bring. Most of all I'm excited to see what magic we can create together.

I'm here. For you. Always. 


P.s if you want a little giggle... this was my first ever post! :-)

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Happy 3rd Birthday Including Cake!

It's been a crazy eventful week... more Wholeplus excitement on the horizon and some great new coaching opportunities too. In amongst the happy emotions it was also brought to my attention that: 

My blog was three years old on Tuesday!

It made me sit back and reflect a little on all that's changed in that time, and for someone who  is very quick to undervalue my achievements, even I can see that a lot has changed.

When I first began my blog it was purely on a whim, I spent so much time being inspired by  recipes on other peoples blogs and I figured "why don't I just start my own" not realising how much hard work goes into creating such a website presence. All I knew was that I liked designing things, I liked sharing food and liked taking photos so it seemed obvious to write my own blog...yes? What I didn't appreciate or understand at that time was how to put myself out there in the world and share what i had with others… That has been a huge area of growth for me over the last three years and something that continues to be a work in progress. It is still something that pushes the edges of my comfort zone on a daily basis.

When I first started I had absolutely no game plan; I was literally using it as a space to talk about things I'd experimented with, with some photography thrown in for good measure. It was a simple as that. I had a inkling of an idea at the back of my mind that I'd like it to be more than a hobby but I had no idea how that could happen in real life.

It was just a dream.

I was still working an office job as an architect. I had no intention of becoming a health coach and I certainly had no plans to launch a health food business... what kind of a crazy idea was that- I have no business savvy skills!! To be honest I didn't even know how long I would write this blog. It makes me smile now but I distinctly remember a couple of weeks in, sitting down at the dining room table and writing list of recipe ideas to make, I came to about 20 before I had a mental block. "Oh well, that will take me through to nearly Christmas" I thought to myself. 

In case you're curious here is my original post, it talks about my newly expanding mindset, it talks about the boy who, whilst no longer in my life in that same capacity, still impacts my thoughts on a daily basis and my drive to continually explore and not settle for societies expectation. It talks about my early steps and thought processes in transitioning to a plant-based whole foods lifestyle. I'm now fully plant-based which was a natural progression for me over the months that followed as I become more knowledgeable and passionate.

The words in that post that resonate most with me are:

"I am simply a girl in a world wanting to be the best she can".  

That still stands today... but more than that, in understanding more deeply who I am and the gifts that this knowledge has broughts to my life I, more than ever, want to help others seek ways to become the best they can too.

In reflecting back on these last 3 years... I wrote a list of events that marked new chapters and pivotal achievements in my life.. some big, some small but all with meaning. I share them with you here.

Now, why not take a moment to look back on your last 3 years, wherever you are in your life right now. Are you proud? Are you frustrated?

Either way, embrace your reactions with a curiosity. Celebrate your progress or learn from them and grow.

Strive to live the life you know you have within you.


 I'd love you to join me in other places too!  

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Spreading my wings…. blog updates!

I know today is a Silent Sunday … so please forgive the intrusion, SS no. 5 will be along later on today.  I have made a few changes round here recently and I just wanted to tell you about them.

Firstly, I have tidied up my homepage. I want to keep it as simple as possible so the posts themselves could take centre stage.

I have a few neat little buttons along the top (I was very proud that I edited the html code myself!) with links to my social media pages. I have only recently joined Twitter and I really don’t know what took me so long.  I would love it if you came and joined me!

Checkout my FacebookTwitter and Pinterest pages, you can also subscribe by email or RSS feed too.

My blog is still relatively new, but I’m slowly building up my archives and I hope you agree that I have a few interesting things to catch your attention. If you like anything you’ve seen I would be hugely grateful if you could take a moment to share it so that others can join in also and I can begin to grow and spread my wings…..!

Here are a few of the most popular recipes you might have missed …..have a little browse!

I now also have a Recipage which makes searching through my recipes soooo much easier… you can search by type, ingredient, alphabetically…. It is a great resource. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

You may have noticed that I don’t include the nutritional information alongside my recipes. This is simply because, for me, it is all about the nutritional quality of the ingredients and not about the overall numbers. I think numbers can sometime be misleading, for example nuts have an amazing nutritional status and the good fats we need for everyday health…but the numbers would be higher due to these fats. So I eat what feels right for me as long as I know I am putting good wholesome ingredients in! 

However, I do appreciate that for many of you, understanding the statistics in important.  So in order to assist in making this a little simpler I have included a new recipe nutrition calculator in my side bar. You can type in up to 6 key ingredients in a recipe and it will provide you with the comparative information. If you do find this useful please let me know as I’d love to know how to get on with it.

I have also added two new page tabs: ‘Where to find me’ provides a little summary of the places I tend to pop up most. ‘Wellbeing’ is a new page and a new direction I am keen to head towards. As I’ve often mentioned, life is a constant balance along the path to achieving happiness. Food is just one part of that holistic experience both physically and mentally, so I simply want to tap into that side of things a little more- hence th Silent Sunday and  Mantra for Monday posts. I’d be really interested to know how you felt about this side of things, as the development of this blog over time is as much for others as it is for me.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

I have so many more ideas and discoveries with new products and companies I am keep to share with you, but for now I’ll leave it at that…..I’ll fill you in on everything else shortly.

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