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I’m building up my nut stores for the long winter months ahead!

Well, not quite, but I have ordered quite a ridiculous amount of nuts this week (along with cocoa powder and oats). I think I may have got a little carried away whilst placing my order over the phone as I had most definitely not anticipated that my goods would be delivered on a palette! They arrived early in the morning and although I had already been up for a couple of hours I had yet to get changed out of my jim jams and dressing gown (schlompy morning sat at the computer). Goodness knows what the neighbours thought as I carried in my nuts from the driveway.

So, much excitement and experimentation on the cards in coming weeks- I will be making my own coconut butter, nut butters and pestos as well as almond flour, particularly for use in my gluten free recipes. I had decided it was time to order in bulk as nuts are so expensive by other means, but now I just need to be careful in storing everything to ensure they don’t turn rancid.

I don’t think the picture below quite does it all justice… it really was a big pile!! The two big sacks are 25kg bags!  I still haven’t found a home for everything…..

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