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"Don't die with your music still inside you"

This is a beautiful quote by the late Wayne Dyer, who's movie The Shift I watched again last night.

His quotes that live on and resonate with so many often have a musical poetry to them. I like to think that when we are are living in our element we all intuitively 'sing' from the heart and it is our duty to ourselves and the world to find that place that make our heart and mind truly sing.

Use this life to make sure your voice is heard...

Last weekend I discovered a hidden talent. It took me totally by surprise and its power blew me away. In an act of spontaneity I joined a friend for a weekend festival of spiritual music… didjeridoo, drumming, singing, chanting and everything in between. When we arrived, at first I sat back and enjoy the sounds, marvelled at the skill and the passion of those that played, shying away when I was offered a turn. 

As the day wore on my innate curiosity got the better of me.

I wanted to experience what it’s like to really play a didjeridoo, I wanted to get over my frustration of not being able to circular breathe. That lead onto the drums, something I’ve never even picked up before in my life. The deep resonant base grounded me and spoke deep within. So, with the djembe awkwardly propped up between my legs I gave it a go, my palms beating a simple rhythm. Within minutes I was playing along with the group, it was a crazy, unexpected and beautiful experience. An intuitive jam session that had no rules or reasons, just soul centred notes that came together in the moment, the rise and fall of the rhythm and the beat.

Music is life and life is music. I understood.

In those moments as I was paying the drum I felt a deeper connection than I had maybe ever felt before.

My next step?  To continue that feeling, that sense of connection, of rhythm, of one-ness… of song.

How exactly that materialises is yet to be seen. I'll keep you posted... but at this point I want to give a little shout out to a few members of the amazing tribe I spent my weekend with.

Paul Osborne for letting me ride with him and showing me the way. Drummer and master digj maker. FIND HIM HERE.

Andrea Furlan, master didj maker and performer for teaching me the didj and loaning me one of his beautiful instruments so I can continue my journey. FIND HIM HERE.

Pete Berni who hosted the festival and created the space for a beautiful experience. The 'Summer Retreat' is an annual festival held in Northampton UK… YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE HERE and keep an eye on details for next year.

My wellness immersion retreat in Lanzarote will focus on bringing together all those many strands that make you, YOU. A cocoon of self exploration, the chance to nurture your inner voice and find your true you, reconnect with your song and find the playful and curious soul within.

Join me on November 28th for an incredible week long adventure of personal growth. Email me for a chat to find out more about the retreat or simply for a space to talk and get a little closer to your music.


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