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'Love in a Cage'... aka inca berry cocoa bites!

I've been testing lots of ingredients for Real Food Source recently... they are expanding their products lines and it means I have even more reason for kitchen playtime... yay!

A new addition to their range are Inca Berries (aka golden berries). I hadn't actually tried them before, but I love them. They have a totally unique sweet and tangy flavour (similar to the Haribo Tangfastics of my childhood!) they make my face wrinkle a little and then I go back for more because they are moreish like that. You don't need many to get your sweet kick. 

These berries suit both sweet and savoury recipes, I also made a kale salad in which the inca berries offered a delicious tangy topping. 

Inca Berries have many different names in different countries... and in France they are known as 'Amour En Cage' (Love in a Cage) well I thought that was perfect for upcoming Valentines Day... though I guess its debatable how romantic a cage is (ok, lets not go there!)

I played around with a simple little no-bake recipe to get started with. Little cocoa bites... I made a version with pure cocoa butter and vanilla powder as a mild creamy base and a way to hold the berries together, then I went on to melt some dark chocolate into the bottom of mini muffin cups and topping with chopped macadamias and inca berries. That was my favourite if you hadn't guessed!

You can find the full recipe on the Real Food Source recipe blog here!

Now, I want to think of another Valentines themed recipe to put my own healthy spin on.... any ideas??

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