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Dip ya bones!!

It's very nearly halloween...and this is my second seasonal post! Look at me go, this must be a first.

bone dip 3a.jpg

It nearly didn't happen as this dip had originally been planned as a 'monster mash' of sorts  after I was inspired by this recipe by the PPK and wanted to create my own.  I tried a couple of different ingredient combinations but it just wasn't holding up the way I wanted to. I was so close to scrapping the whole thing BUT it tasted good and i didn't want to waste my efforts before binning it so I thought i'd spread a bit on some raw veggie sticks and crackers...and then it was suddenly obvious. I had made a yummy dip!

Happy times after all :-) 

The first time I made this I used sweet potato and kale, then the second time I made it with cauliflower and kale. Both work well and you can sub roughly the same quantities for each. The photos show the cauli version and so that is what i have based the recipe below on.

If you not a fan of kale... you could go for this bean and pea dip, even quicker to whip up! 

I think my main mistake in failing in the monster mash was not allowing the veg to drain and dry well enough- particularly the cauli version. If you want to try and make some little monsters, be sure to pat the veg dry before blending, then try piping it through a large piping nozzle and decorating.  If it fails...well, you have a fab dip ;-) 

Oh... a quick note on the crackers! I made a 'human' variation of this peanut butter dog cracker recipe still using the spelt flour and ingredients as noted but adding extra salt, spices and some nutritional yeast to taste. You could also use this gluten free cracker recipe which I think would also work really well. Use a bone cutter for the ultimate effect!! :-)

Last but not least!  Let me welcome my little monster friend to you all. I carved him this morning to sit at the reception desk of the wellness centre where I work. I know I should have been studying but sometime other things take priority... and I got a little carried away. We've been playing a 'name the monster'  game over on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so why not join in! What should we call him (or her).....?



Recipe: Halloween dip (1 large dip or 4 small monsters)


  • 2 cups chopped packed kale
  • 2 cups finely chopped cauliflower
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1 tbs cashew or almond butter
  • salt and pepper (plus other spices if desired) to taste


Cook the kale and cauliflower for approx. 8 minutes unit cooked (steam to retain nutrients). Drain (see note) and add remaining ingredients to the pan. Blend with a hand blender or transfer to a small blender and blend until creamy and green!

Best served immediately whilst hot with raw veggies or crackers or decorate as desired. 

bone dip 1.jpg
bone dip 2a.jpg
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