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Mantra for Monday no. 132

I’ve been enjoying some down time these last couple of weeks.

The sun was in the sky and my work flow had unexpectedly reached a natural lull, so it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Except I couldn’t…. not initially anyway.  As much as I wanted to lay back on the grass and simply relax, I found myself getting anxious and then immediately frustrated at myself for feeling that way about a situation many people would be so envious of.

Lack of structure and a feeling of not having ‘earned’ the chance to switch off (yeah I know that’s crazy!) threatened to overwhelm me, and for a few days I struggled to keep that feeling at bay. That was until I decided to simply and consciously go with the flow, embrace it and honour it, allow the ever changing landscape knowing that a few weeks down the line things would become crazy busy once again. A beautiful rhythm.

Though unstructured, these waves of ebb and flow are inherently part of my creating a life away from the 9-5, a life on my own terms and with my own agenda. These waves of ebb and flow- this rhythm of my life- keeps me on my toes, my mind nourished and my creativity full to the brim.

This lull gave me the chance to experiment with being ok to have no agenda when I woke in the morning having little concept of when my next source of income would arise. Instead I got curious in that soft stillness as I lay on a blanket in the park in the middle of the day quietly observing the passers by rushing too and fro in their own little world. 

Sometimes it takes a change in direction, both the ebb and the flow, to truly appreciate the rhythm of life itself and respond like the echo.


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 131

This is such a powerful truth for me. 

There are so many ways to manifest 'power'...

  • knowledge is power
  • strength is power
  • confidence is power
  • winning is power
  • trying is power
  • failing is power

Power is a personal understanding and deeper mental association. Regardless of your take on things one thing remains true... we ALL have power within us BUT so many of us fail so see it, to believe in it and to use it.

I have been reading a lot of coaching books and articles on the subject of self development through the eyes of both coach and client. One of my coaching 'idols' is Rich Litvin who said in an workshop he was taking:

"A powerful coach is a place to come from and not to. It’s not out there, it’s in here!"

Wow... those were powerful words for me. They made me think back to the quote above and I realised those words were not just applicable to me as a coach but to everybody around me making their own way in this world.

We always look to the outside world for answers and validation, often causing inner conflict and self doubt in the process. Our intuition is always right there ready to serve us, if only we'd listen. That's our start point and our place to come from. The power lives inside you all along.

What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 130

Observing the perfectionist

I actually wrote this post whilst sitting in the back seat of the car as my sister was driving my family and I on a day trip whilst on holiday last week. As I gazed through the window at the countryside whizzing past, my mind wandered free and I wrote these thoughts on my phone as they came to my mind. 


In recent months I have begin to more actively cultivate the art of 'curiosity' through observation. I support clients in doing the same.

This morning was a classic example when I went for a run with my brother and sister through the countryside. Out of the three of us, I have always been the one most consistently involved in exercise over the years since childhood. I was also the one who initially took to running when completing my first Tough Mudder obstacle course race a couple of years back. I am also the perfectionist. The competitive one.

I have run much less frequently in recent months, focussing much more heavily on strength training. On the other hand my sister has recently completed a half marathon and my brother competes with a rowing club and as part of that training goes out running with his team. 

I knew from a technical standpoint their cardio fitness would likely out do mine.  I had already reasoned with the perfectionist inside that would be fine.  

That said, as we pounded the roads and trails I found that emotions still bubbled up, the child inside on the verge of having a strop or trying to create an excuse as to why I was a few paces behind (literally only a few paces). A little voice began to get dismissive 'well I just won't go tomorrow then, there's no point'. 

But then I caught myself. I gave the perfectionist inside a mental hug. Thanked her for being there to push me when I needed it, but then reminder her that right now I had no goal or agenda, other than to simply observe the journey and enjoy the ride. 

Immediately that little voice changed tone. The child inside, distracted from her strop, got curious. The curiosity allowed me to relax and enjoy the senses, the sights, smells and the terrain beneath my feet. When we ran up a big hill, I got curious in observing the intense new feelings without feeling frustrated that my pace had slowed to a bare run (I could have walked faster!).

The most interesting thing to come from all of this, is that my performance was no less that it would have been if the inner perfectionist had been allowed to run riot and been screaming at me inside to work harder. Instead nothing outwardly was different, but inwardly everything had changed. 

Get curious. Get powerful. 

What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 129

This is the first time I have written a blog post and published it directly from my phone. I'm away on holiday, away from my laptop with just this small screen (and my tapping thumb) for connectivity. Trying something new seemed appropriate given my current mindset!

Sitting here in the sunshine after a day of indulgence, I find myself reflecting.  

Regardless of religion or spirituality, Easter marks a new beginning. There is no escaping this.

The clocks have changed, the evenings are lighter and our minds are lifted. Spring has always marked a period of transition and change. Of stretch and growth.

Those ideas and goals incubated over the winter months have their chance to come alive. The universe is here to lift you up and support you as you take those steps out of your cocoon.  

This is your time to chase your dreams.

To flourish and bloom. 

The magical time of new beginnings is upon us and for those who want to take that leap, always know I am hear for you... To believe in you.

Start something new.


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 128

You've probably heard me say before how hard I find meditating. Sitting still with no fixed focus is hard.

I have found some ways to overcome this... by running... I talked about that here.

I even signed up for The Mindful In may Challenge last year... I really tried hard! 

A friend recently reminded of Andy Puddicombe and his Headspace app which I had downloaded a long-time ago but didn't dedicate time to consistently. Over the last week Ii have been more focussed in building it into my daily routine. I like his soft gentle words, and the ways he creates and environment the allows you to wander off and to simply return. 

Mediation is all about noticing and observing, not giving ourselves a hard time when our minds wonder in amongst the 'clouds' but simply to notice that is happening and pull back from them to watch the clouds whilst still appreciating the blue sky.

Now i'm not trying to stop the thoughts from entering my mind, but simply noticing them like a child with a sense of curiosity. A subtle change in perspective maybe, but it may make all the difference,

What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 126

You know sometimes a quote brings tears to the corners of your eyes and makes your throat tighten a little as the words filter across you mind... yep, for me this is one of them.

The lyricism, the gentle push out in to the unknown the spirit if engaging us to question everything, yet still offering that safe cocoon if it were all to go wrong.

We play it safe all to often. Scared of letting ourselves and others down, willing to live in the comfort of not pushing boundaries yet constantly quietening that little voice longing for more.  That little voice longing you to throw away preconceived ideas, the worries, tick lists, other people wishes....the would's, could's and should's.

Ask yourself truly, what is the very worst that can happen? Then take that consequence and find a solution.... then look up to the sky and allow the breeze to catch your wings.

You won't fall the universe is always ready to catch you.

What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 125

It's been a long time since I've written you a Mantra for Monday or Silent Sinday for that matter. I missed those posts and want them back...

I have decided though that the silent Sundays have probably had their day. I love the power of a photo, but don't always have the chance to take beautiful ones I feel worthy to share each week, and instead they can serve as the backdrop to my 'mantras'.

Long live the Mantra for Monday!  I'm aiming to bring these week as a regular weekly feature... watch this space.

I came across this verse by  extracted on Instagram and each one of these words resonated to the heart of me.  I hope you enjoy them too. 

After note (because lots of people were asking where they came from!) I found these words on the Instagram account by @roadtoeverywhere and because there was a John Steinbeck book in the background (East of Eden) I assumed they had been extracted from him. But I haven't been able to track them down on google... so maybe there were written by Carina herself, the lady behind the account.  I asked but I still don't know for sure. Whoever write this words... they remain beautiful! 


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 124

I love videos, podcasts, books and lectures that make you think. Really make you think. Things that turn your perspective on their head and help you question the status quo and consider that just because thing are the way they are doesn't mean that need to be or even should be.

I don't need 'answers', questions provide me with all I need to 'know'. They create the journey of discovery.

This video may not be for everyone, but it holds powerful messages over the nature of human thought and actions as a predetermined pattern of behaviour that makes life simpler. Maybe there is no rational thought at all.

The right path to being a happy, healthy person is to do all the s**t we already know we are supposed to do, becoming the most evolved person you have the capacity to be. Everybody makes their own path through this world, but most people don't follow that path there are most deeply drawn to.

In the end, just do the most you can.

What is Mantra for Monday?


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