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Mantra for Monday no. 96
m4m 96.jpg

I saw an idea for a 'permission slip' somewhere in the internet many moons ago, and it planted the idea in my mind. I recently thought back to it again in relation to my future coaching clients and their values and beliefs which may all to often be squashed beneath a pile of expectation. 

Today I want to give you permission to be you. 

What things would you like to give yourself permission for?


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 94

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As part of my coaching courses I have begun reading lots of books in and around the subject. Part of my tactic in ‘how i gained an extra day in the week’ was to spend the first hour or so upon waking every morning absorbed in a book.

This is my current book of choice and for me it really sums up so many important aspects of what I hope to offer through wellness coaching in months to come. There was one passage in particular that resonated with me. The imagery it formed in my mind was so powerful I wanted to share it with you today in it's unabridged glory. 

This is what I hope to bring to my own journey and offer to the journeys of many others who may choose to take steps with me by their side.

What is Mantra for Monday? 

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Mantra for Monday no. 93

Happy Monday!

Today my 'Mantra' is going to be a little different. In recent days and weeks I have been taking note from the wise words of others, particularly through my Instagram feed.

I love being inspired by others, and often it come at just the right time... when i'm feeling overwhelmed (and flick onto Instagram) or am feeling tired and disheartened (and flick onto instagram)  or when I wake up and wonder what the day may bring (and flick onto instagram) get the idea. :-)

So today, though i've got a 1001 thoughts  of my own swimming around in my head, they have yet to make it out into the world and so I will share with you the 'Mantras' of others who have inspired me. There are of course many, many others, but here is just a small selection (apologies if the resolution of some of these images is not so great!). Their IG names are written below each image.

Maybe they will inspire you too.














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Mantra for Monday no. 91
m4m 91.jpg

This was a remark presented by Joshua Rosenthal during one of the IIN lectures and it struck a chord with me.

I have always been very hands on and creative... directly mainly through physical activities and the arts whilst at school, college and university. It is only in more recent years as I turned plant-based that the creativity and 'alchemy' of food really took of for me.  

It seems the more 'restricted' my palette the more scope for creativity I had. I had to search for solutions for a creamy dairy free dish or a meat free bolognaise rather than just being presented with the norm.  That philosophy has inspired me more than I ever thought possible! 

That's not to say that those who use more mainstream foods to create recipes are not creative...obviously there are all manner of talented and creative chefs and home cooks out there!  But for me the opportunities within a plant based diet to push boundaries presented itself with a challenge with boundless rewards.

So, for those of you who are plant-based already, or would like to be but are nervous, or simple have no intention to be but are curious (you are reading this blog for a reason!) ...go all out and experiment, try new things, new combinations of flavours, textures and spices. Yes there will be some failures along the way BUT it's all a part of the process of discovery and the highs of creating a masterpiece will always out weight the lows of disasters (plus most disasters are a least edible!)


What is Mantra for Monday?



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Mantra for Monday no. 90
M4M 90.jpg

Today's Mantra come from a bit of 'Arnie' Inspiration. No matter what you may think of him you gotta have respect for his guy and for me he speaks so many truths.  This video sums it all up exactly and is the perfect pick-me-up in moments when I might feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation, pondering the why's and how's.  

When planning a challenge or a race and the deadline or finish line is looming, it is precisely this mental attitude that keeps me focussed. Check out Arnie below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- who do you want to be?


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 89
M4M 89.jpg

I love the simplicity, the comedy and ultimately the truth within this quote.

I am not sure where it originated as I saw the words on my Instagram feed and could not find an original source to credit.  In any case I am sure it has made quite a few people smile.

I think part of why I identified with it so much, is that we often forget to give ourselves credit for our successes, the proud moments and the little day to day achievements. When we audition or go for an interview we put ourselves forward in a capable light, showing the best of ourselves to show others that we truly are the best candidate for the role.

So, why do we not give ourselves the same credit and apply the status in our day to day lives? 

Be yourself. You are already good enough. 

This quote was also fitting after intrigue from some followers arose as to my scholarship submission. To qualify for the board review I was required to submit a 500 word statement describing how I would help my community upon qualifying as a Life and Personal Performance Coach, since the scholarship funding requires the selected candidate to complete a number of hours coaching pro-bono publico within their local community upon completion of the course. For anyone interested this was my submission.

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Mantra for Monday no. 88
M4M 88.jpg

I love this quote and I love the book it came from.  

I've been listening to A Life Without Limits on audiobook for the last couple of weeks when i've been out for a run (or a power walk) and it's so inspiring- it actually makes me want to run faster!

One thing that is slightly scary is that I identify with some of the things she says a little too much... the pursuit for perfection that can ultimately be self destructive. Whilst I will say that my mental and emotional perspectives are far less extreme than Chrissie's it does remind me that I still need to learn to cut myself some slack in order to gain the most joy from this life and the moments that make it. 

When it comes to having an open mind, I'm definitely working on that and doing a pretty good job! I have come so far over these last couple of years and so many more opportunities have presented themselves during the process of 'opening up' that I wouldn't otherwise have 'seen' or have been approached with. What I need to now learn is to embrace those opportunities and see where they lead- that's the scariest part of all.... it's not the hard work, and not the open mind... it's following through with where it my all lead. The unknown!

Realising your true potential will always be a trek into the unknown. 

What is Mantra for Monday?

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A mantra...for life!

Ok so it's been a busy few days.... my Mantra for Monday didn't make it beyond my head but believe me I did have a lot of 'mantra's going on up there!

I've been making a few decisions! You know what....that's such a huge weight off my shoulders, crazy how indecisiveness can really weigh so heavy- I had no idea!

There is no going back now. Look to the future.  The future is bright.

In the last week I've enrolled with the Institute if Integrative Nutrition to study their Health Coaching course and on top of that I have been awarded a scholarship to study with The Coaching Academy (back here in London) to become a Life and Personal Performance coach.

I have had both courses at the back of my mind for at least a year but simply couldn't decide which to go in the end I went for both. What made me decide?  I came to realise one morning that if I had made those decisions when i first became inspired then I would have been qualified by now....

 Life doesn't wait around you know!

I'll be back with more recipes later this week- I have a huge stock pile all photographed and ready to go so i'm eager to share them with you! For know here is today's Mantra- a day late (forgive me). It was inspired by the words of the founder of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal, who in his opening lecture talked of creating a ripple effect in the world. It was particularly fitting that I remembered some years back I had taken a photo of a stone I threw in a lake....


Lastly a little something else I wanted to share.... the Circle of Life. 

As one of the first pre-course assignments, we were encouraged to review out circle of life and map out positive areas with a dot towards the outside and areas needing more work with a closer to the centre...once joined up you can get a sense of where imbalances lie. Mmmmm...I have some work to do! The joy aspect may see low compared to how I come across on my blog, but I have big highs and lows (mostly due to overwhelm and self-doubt) and am working on building consistency and controlling my emotions and self belief. Seeing it on paper gives a much clearer sense of perspective.

What would your circle look like? 

JH circle of life.jpg

Last note for today...sorry i waffled (just feel like i haven't taked to you properly in ages!) I will be sharing more 'holistic' 'life' and 'nutritional philosphy' kind of stuff on here over the next few months as I delve deeper into my courses. I promise there wil still be at least a couple of recipes each week.... just hope you stick round for the ride and enjoy a few more thoughts thrown in the mix.  

That ok?

As ever I love to hear your thoughts. You lot make this whole deal all the more worth while. :-)


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