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A Mantra for Monday no. 1

You are in charge of your own experiences and your own achievements in life. It’s often easy to forget this and blame ‘circumstance’ or ‘situation’ on why we fall short of the mark. 

It is also very easy to carry on down the familiar path, waiting for change to come upon us and not reaslising we need to make the change ourselves so that it works for us in the way we want it to. This way, we are fully in control of our own destiny at not at the mercy of circumstance.

It’s a New Year.

A new start.

Maybe it’s time to release yourself from the cosy comfort of the familiar and begin questioning ‘how’ and ‘why’. Think above and beyond what you know, what you assume and what you take for granted…and quite simply try things a little differently.

A new year is also a time for resolutions. I’m not keen on the frivolous act of making a novelty resolution that has no meaning or that cannot be kept.

Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don’t.

This year I have.

‘To do something that scares me for every month of this year’

That may sound simple to some, but to me it has meaning. I hope it will give me a focus and motivation when my head tells me to sit back and go with the flow and to wait for an easier option. The easier option is simply no longer an option, it can never enable me to become that person I know I can be.

Sometimes you just need to scare yourself little.

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Introducing: ‘Silent Sunday’ and ‘A Mantra for Monday’

Did I mention I was gonna shake things up a little?

Well, I am!

“I live for a challenge, I never sit still and I never stop thinking”

These words are taken from my ‘about page’. I think a lot…maybe too much, often ending up going round in circles! However, I know that in order to really find out who I have the capacity to become I must never stop thinking…doing…trying…challenging…!

Writing things down helps crystallise your thoughts.  It helps make sense of any confusion and put things into perspective. I also love words.  I love the way that a combination of a few words has both the capacity to make you laugh out loud or sob uncontrollably. Incredible.

I also love photography. It is a skill which I really want to progress, and I don’t simply mean in relation to food (although that is a great outlet for practice). I love the fundamental emotional connection brought about through imagery without the use of words- a total contrast. Two extremes…not like me at all! (hmm…or maybe just a little!!)

So, I had an idea….

Every Sunday I will post a photo. That is all, just a photo. No words. These will be photos that I have taken at any time and place and that for whatever reason resonate with me and connect with my emotions. Without words the imagination has free reign open to all interpretation.

Hence, this will become Silent Sunday.

Inspiration for this concept and the subsequent title of my post was found here. The blog had been hosting a linked ‘Silent Sunday’ for a number of months before the linked element was removed. My own thoughts had already been heading in a similar direction when I happened to chance upon her blog and the eloquence of the title Silence Sunday appealed such that I found I couldn’t better it.

Following Silent Sunday’s pure and simple round up to the week, I wanted to offer something of a contrast to kick start Monday morning. Start as you mean to go on…so they say! If that’s the case, the opportunity to fill my mind with a positive thought to carry me through the week seemed particularly fitting.

Hence, this will become A Mantra for Monday.

It is difficult to know how these ideas will pan out over the course of time. It's unknown territory...spontaneous...crazy. I have no visions or expectations but I am simply open to the paths my mind may take me. I cannot promise this will work, and if it falls by the wayside then…well at least I can say I gave it a go!  In the meantime I hope you will also join me in this new chapter… your thoughts and comments will help turn this into something special.

….Oh, and don’t worry, there will still be plenty of food! I do love cake, after all, …and that definitely hasn’t changed!

I simply want to focus on a more holistic sense of wellbeing, and in doing so do more of the things that make me most happy and that give a sense of fulfilment and perspective. 

I hope I can share that with you too.

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