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Mantra for Monday no. 5

This has become something of a personal mantra for me in the course of everyday life. I often find myself whispering those words under my breath or repeating that line over in my head during times of doubt.

Obviously this statement  has some presence in the everyday superficial elements of life… just because I have £100 in my purse doesn’t mean I should by a new bag.

What I want to reflect on here is the deeper realm, the mental challenge.

It is easy to get carried away, to push and challenge yourself, to feel obligated in taking on responsibilities. Often it is simply because we know we are capable of handling a situation, we feel that by default it is therefore our duty to see it through.

There is a blanket of guilt that engulfs us if we don’t.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to draw the line… we watch our happiness and contentment begin to slip away from but we carry on regardless because we can and therefore because we feel we should.

I’ve felt this most strongly within relationships with others. Without realising it you can end up with a very negative balance, where your capable and accommodating nature is taken for granted. Over time this will on serve to wear away at us, slowly at first such that you may not even notice it happening. Even when the questions begin to rise inside, we justify our continuation down that road with a guilt trip over a sense of failure if we ‘give up’ now.

I have a competitive personality; I always want to push myself and to ‘prove’ to myself…prove what is often something an unknown entity. I know that for me, I often find myself pursuing a fruitless goal purely because I don’t want to fail on the task I had originally set myself regardless of whether the circumstances may have changed. I feel that because I can do something I must honour its completion.

No…that isn’t how it should be. Guilt can distort our perspective and play us off against the physical and mental sides of our reasoning. Logic is all but lost in the battle.

We must be more accepting of circumstance, be aware of the situation and be analytical in our approach and understanding. Quite simply…be honest with yourself and be ready to hold your hands up and step away.

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A Mantra for Monday no. 4

Sometimes I wish I would just take my own advice….and believe it!

Even though we are no longer together the Boy still has a daily influence on my life, my thoughts and a way of being that I still seek to understand. I still have a lot of growing to do…so do we all, it never stops.

‘You are already good enough’, was a phrase he often used to stop me in my tracks, to quieten me at times when I was getting fraught and frenzied about all the things I hadn’t done…felt I should try to be, felt I could have done better.

I had no comeback line. My ‘buts’ faltered short and I had no reply. Those words released me, forced me to see that, well, maybe he was right.

Be content with who you are…right here…right now. 

Accept and grow from all decisions and experiences which take place every day. Through acceptance you experience true freedom.

Easy to say, those lovely peaceful poetic words…blah, blah, blah. I’ll be honest and admit that at times I’m prone to casting those words aside as well. Generally it’s when I’m feeling defensive, when I know that it’s true but I just can’t admit that I’m really beating myself up about insignificant things, giving myself a hard time for no good reason. I guess I almost feel ashamed.

Constantly striving for goals without appreciating what you already have is a fruitless and negative experience. By all means set goals and challenges, but enjoy the journey and don’t obsess over achievement, deadlines, and the end result. Enjoy that when you get there…and you will get there…but throughout the process be content with who you are and understand that you are already good enough.

You are a living, breathing human being...a miracle of nature.

We all take our place here on earth for granted. 

Now, sometimes I catch myself when I’m getting a little crazy, getting all het up in my little bubble of negativity. It doesn’t always work and I probably always will be my own worst critic, but reminding yourself of those words can help. It forces a reality check and allows you to enjoy simply being. Just be in that moment and embrace it, for you are already good enough.

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A Mantra for Monday no. 1

You are in charge of your own experiences and your own achievements in life. It’s often easy to forget this and blame ‘circumstance’ or ‘situation’ on why we fall short of the mark. 

It is also very easy to carry on down the familiar path, waiting for change to come upon us and not reaslising we need to make the change ourselves so that it works for us in the way we want it to. This way, we are fully in control of our own destiny at not at the mercy of circumstance.

It’s a New Year.

A new start.

Maybe it’s time to release yourself from the cosy comfort of the familiar and begin questioning ‘how’ and ‘why’. Think above and beyond what you know, what you assume and what you take for granted…and quite simply try things a little differently.

A new year is also a time for resolutions. I’m not keen on the frivolous act of making a novelty resolution that has no meaning or that cannot be kept.

Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don’t.

This year I have.

‘To do something that scares me for every month of this year’

That may sound simple to some, but to me it has meaning. I hope it will give me a focus and motivation when my head tells me to sit back and go with the flow and to wait for an easier option. The easier option is simply no longer an option, it can never enable me to become that person I know I can be.

Sometimes you just need to scare yourself little.

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