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How you do one thing is how you do everything...

A week or two ago a created a unique new package... something I didn't initially talk about on here directly because it relates heavily to my design work, but actually now as I reflect upon it more I realise how much it has to do with my coaching work - it's all about connection!

The new package I have just launched is 'The Visibility Package' 

(as showcased on my design website)

In my work as a health and mindset coach, I meet so many inspiring 'wellness-focused' people who have an incredible passion and a powerful mission that I know could help so many... yet their voice and online presence is struggling to be seen and heard above the noise.  Finding ways of powerfully sharing their message, the feels in alignment with who they are, is crucial! (I know from experience!)

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I was talking to a friend about the package yesterday, getting quite animated and excited as I talked, when from out of nowhere these words came out of my mouth...

"you have to connect with yourself to be able to connect with your client" *

...and there lies the truth, the fundamental principle that I am so passionate about as a coach.

In the wellness industry (or really just as regular people on our own personal journey) there is so much competition. But what really, truly, deeply sets you apart on your journey is your ability to rise above the noise and above the superficial to reach out and really connect with your people, your community, your tribe, your clients (*insert most relevant word for you there) BUT in order to do this, you first need to connect with yourself!

A massive part of The Visibility Package AND as I have begun to realise, my coaching work as a whole, is about digger deeper into your own story - you passion and drive but also the messiness and the struggles too. Really owning that.

Yes I know that might sound deep, and you might be thinking...   "but I just have a regular life, nothing special" ...well, actually no you don't.

I have often heard it said that...

"how you do one thing is how you do everything"

...and there's is your second truthbomb. Having an awareness of your actions, walking your talk and really owning and believing your message to the world speaks volumes. Your people will hear it and feel it. I promise.

So at it's core this is what my work as a coach is about, connecting to your deepest sense of self. I am reading a great book at the moment called 'The Highest Goal' by Michael Ray, and it's very similar to what he talks about.

I was going to leave this post here... with two 'truthbombs' for you to sit with and process, but then I figured i'd add the final section that was part of the note I sent out to my mailing list last night...

So now in the spirit of playfulness and curiosity, I have a game for you. Pick ONE of these three options below:

1) You're NOT interested in The Visibility Package but would love to have a conversation about what a deeper connection with yourself would mean for your life... hit reply and let me know where you are at!

2) You ARE interested in learning more about the package (there are two spots already confirmed, and more conversations booked for next week)...
hit reply and let me know asap why you are interested and we'll arrange a time to call/Skype. 

3) You're kind of skimming this post, not really interested in any of it, but these bullet points caught your eye ;-) Then do me (and you) a favour and take a few moments this weekend to have a think about how you are showing up in your world right now, are there some tweaks you could make to bring yourself more into alignment?

So which will it be for you? ;-)

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Get your... Sugar Free Satisfaction! My new 4-week programme!

A new exciting programme... Coming at you February 23rd!

It was always on the cards! You only have to look at the name of my website and the signup book :-)

In actual fact I wrote this programme last year... yep, every single word from scratch and from the heart. No templates and off the shelf programme guidelines here!  I originally wrote an 8 week version of the sugar free cleanse (which I am sure I will roll out fully at some point) and took a select group of clients through the process. But when I spoke to more people about it, the feedback was that many people liked the concept of a shorter 4-week cleanse. This seemed to tick the boxes in terms of dealing with overwhelm, practicality and price point. So here you have it... a 4-week sugar-free cleanse programme all ready to help you reboot your life!

So what makes my programme different?

That's a fair question since I know there are so many similar programmes out there right now!

I bring you a programme that combines the benefits of group support, yet truly allows us to work together on an individual basis (Skype 1-1 sessions), to dig deeper beneath the surface and reach your true potential. I combine an in depth programme delivered in weekly chapters, with additional 'homework' tasks to engage you both mentally and physically, building the mindset to continue your journey way beyond the programme itself.

Wellness is as much a mental journey as it is a physical one... if not more. Yes, you may well look a little different after following the programme... but the key thing is how you will FEEL! The programme is designed to empower you and give you energy, clarity, confidence, control and so much more.  I am so excited to see where this could take you!

This program is for ANYONE... no matter where you are on your sugar-free journey!

If you still have struggles with sugar and would like support to beat it... sign up! We can tailor the structure for you and dig as deep as we need to go in our 1-1 sessions. So many clients I speak to eat a super clean diet day to say yet STILL STRUGGLE and get frustrated that they can't kick the sugar habit.  If this sounds like you, or you are just starting out on the journey and trying to wean yourself of the cans of coke... this is for you too!

I have an early bird programme price of £150 if you sign up before the end of the month... you get so much value!  A full programme of materials, Wholeplus goodie bag plus TWO 1-1 SESSIONS WITH ME!

I'm seriously excited. I wanted to keep the price as low I could whilst still giving you full value. There are limited spaces since I can only take on a limited number of 1-1 clients.

If you are at all interested...act on the urge and please get in touch today!

To find out more info about the programme you can download a PDF here, but also feel free to drop me an email with any questions! I'd also be happy to set up a Skype call to chat about it further or indeed any aspect of my coaching services!

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