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Who loves chocolate and coconut?

Many of my longtime readers will know that I work very closely with the Real Food Source developing recipes for (and eating a lot of!) their products.

I have written a few books for them too... with another really exciting one due very shortly. 

Their dark chocolate and coconut milk products are two of my absolute favourites and between now and Easter they have kindly provided me with a special promotion code for my readers (sorry UK only) that gives you a fab 30% off their organic unrefined dark chocolate (in both cane sugar and coconut sugar varieties) and also their coconut milk powders (in the 30% oil content variety) The coconut milk powder is a fab option for super creamy smoothies and also for 'milk' on the go. For example I use this milk powder in porridge pots when i'm travelling- just add hot water and stir! It's so good I also use it in my Wholeplus Hot-Pots range.

There are some great recipes using both ingredients in the Coconut Milk Powder ebook and also the Christmas ebook... both available as a free downloads on their site. Click the image below to go directly there.

This recipe for gluten free chocolate tiffin (found in the Christmas ebook) is one of my favourites and i'm sure it will be yours too :-)

The promotion code for 30% off both products is INCCAKE30 and simply needs to be entered at the time of checkout...why not download the little ebooks at the same time :-)


Recipe: Chocolate Tiffin

Makes 10 squares


  • 100g dried fruit mix coarsely chopped (we used dates, raisins, cranberries)
  • 100g nuts coarsely chopped (we used walnuts and almonds)
  • 20g puffed rice or puffed buckwheat (could use 50g GF biscuit crumbled like a more traditional tiffin)
  • 60g RFS coconut milk powder 30% dissolved in 50g hot water
  • 10g coconut sugar
  • 100g bar of dark RFS chocolate- split into 2 halves


Melt 50g of the dark chocolate and coconut sugar into the hot coconut milk powder mixture. Mix all the dry ingredients into the wet mix until well coated.

Pack the mixture firmly into the bottom of a small lined cake pan or loaf tin (mixture should be 1 inch thick). Melt the remaining 50g dark chocolate and spread over the top of the mixture in an even layer. Chill until very firm and then slice into squares. Tip: pour boiling water over a sharp knife before slicing to help prevent the chocolate topping cracking.

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