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Coaching thoughts continued....'10 Tenets of Wellness'
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I am well aware that today should be a 'Mantra' but since Sunday crept passed me so softly and silently before I knew what was happening, I figured i'd transform today into a coaching thoughts post since we haven't had one of those in a while.

Then I have an awesome recipe post for you tomorrow....judging by my IG and Facebook, it's the most eagerly anticipated recipe i've posted...all that to come tomorrow!

I've been recently been reading Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change by Michael Arloskiit strikes such a chord with me that i've been highlighting so many parts and writing notes in all the margins. So many ideas and thoughts I hope to weave into my work with clients in the future. But for today I wanted to share with you Michael Arloski’s 10 Tenets of Wellness to see if they resonate with you also.

Which of those in the list do you need to work on more in your own lives? No. 4 and 10 are a biggies for me at the moment!


Michael Arloski’s 10 tenets.jpg
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Mantra for Monday no. 95
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This is a statement of powerful truth. You are complete, whole, and fully alive right now! You need no more to life to be happy. You can be completely fulfilled with what is, now. We are complete now, yet our natural development calls for further growth. The shift in thinking is critical. Lack becomes impossible. When we can see the inevitability of growth and change. We begin to become a credit by our dreams, not at deficiencies. 

“Satisfied needs, be they physical, psychological, or spiritual, do not motivate. Only unsatisfied hungers move people. This is the one of the most powerful understandings we can have of ourselves and others”. Greg Anderson (cancer survivor)


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 92
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They say you are the average of the five people you most surround yourself with. With this in mind I have been making a conscious effort over the last year or so to bolster my ‘corner’ with positive people; people who are on my wavelength, people who have the passion and confidence to pursue their dreams, people who are a few steps ahead of me…

I’m no good at marketing or networking…at least not in the traditional sense. Milling around in posh clothes at early morning breakfast meetings shaking hands and smiling at people you hope never to have to speak to again. Ok, that may be a bit extreme since I know it’s not all quite like that, but you see my point.

One thing I have got a little better at doing is connecting with people that matter.  These people empower and encourage me and in return I hope offer them something back. It’s a reciprocal and genuine set up, one that sits much better with me. The people that matter can help fight your corner, build you empire and maybe most importantly help show you the greatness in yourselves that so often we cannot see.

Go out there and build you empire. Find others to believe in your when you struggle to see it in yourself. Everyone needs a hand to hold sometimes.

What is Mantra for Monday?


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Life catch up...and how I gained an extra day!! i just managed to miss both a Silent Sunday and a Mantra for Monday....big oooops!!

Life just seems to be one step ahead of me at the moment!  


life steps.jpg

So I thought today I'd offer a little catch up of sorts. A life catch up. 

Thought of the day = I've figured out a way to actually gain another 'day' in the week. Seriously. Here me out on this. Behold the technical calculaitons.

I've been getting into a bad habit of going to bed much later than I mean too...usually pushing midnight then getting up at around 7am. 

BUT the last 90 minutes or so of an evening are totally lost on me, Im getting tired, I faff about, I don't seem to be either working or relaxing very effectively at all. Kinda nothingy.

SO I figured if I shunted my day by 90 minutes and went to bed at 10:30pm and got up at 5:30am then I would gain an extra 90 minutes of productive work time each morning. Multiply that by 5 for a working week and you get 7.5 hrs aka one whole 'work day'.

That sounds like an awesome plan to me! So now I've just got to implement it.

I'm hoping that by gaining my time back early on in the day it will reduce the sense of unease I often have as the afternoon wears on with the familiar 'i still have too many things on my todo list' kicking in.

So that's my randomness for the day, I'm in a random kind of mood. I've still be eating this soup nearly everyday. Maybe it's sent me crazy.

A recipe will be with you tomorrow I promise!!

In the mean time...tell me, how do you manage your time, do you have  any top tips for me?!

P.s here's a little recipe sneak preview :-)


choc balls 4a.jpg
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Mantra for Monday no. 91
m4m 91.jpg

This was a remark presented by Joshua Rosenthal during one of the IIN lectures and it struck a chord with me.

I have always been very hands on and creative... directly mainly through physical activities and the arts whilst at school, college and university. It is only in more recent years as I turned plant-based that the creativity and 'alchemy' of food really took of for me.  

It seems the more 'restricted' my palette the more scope for creativity I had. I had to search for solutions for a creamy dairy free dish or a meat free bolognaise rather than just being presented with the norm.  That philosophy has inspired me more than I ever thought possible! 

That's not to say that those who use more mainstream foods to create recipes are not creative...obviously there are all manner of talented and creative chefs and home cooks out there!  But for me the opportunities within a plant based diet to push boundaries presented itself with a challenge with boundless rewards.

So, for those of you who are plant-based already, or would like to be but are nervous, or simple have no intention to be but are curious (you are reading this blog for a reason!) ...go all out and experiment, try new things, new combinations of flavours, textures and spices. Yes there will be some failures along the way BUT it's all a part of the process of discovery and the highs of creating a masterpiece will always out weight the lows of disasters (plus most disasters are a least edible!)


What is Mantra for Monday?



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Mantra for Monday no. 90
M4M 90.jpg

Today's Mantra come from a bit of 'Arnie' Inspiration. No matter what you may think of him you gotta have respect for his guy and for me he speaks so many truths.  This video sums it all up exactly and is the perfect pick-me-up in moments when I might feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation, pondering the why's and how's.  

When planning a challenge or a race and the deadline or finish line is looming, it is precisely this mental attitude that keeps me focussed. Check out Arnie below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- who do you want to be?


What is Mantra for Monday?

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Mantra for Monday no. 89
M4M 89.jpg

I love the simplicity, the comedy and ultimately the truth within this quote.

I am not sure where it originated as I saw the words on my Instagram feed and could not find an original source to credit.  In any case I am sure it has made quite a few people smile.

I think part of why I identified with it so much, is that we often forget to give ourselves credit for our successes, the proud moments and the little day to day achievements. When we audition or go for an interview we put ourselves forward in a capable light, showing the best of ourselves to show others that we truly are the best candidate for the role.

So, why do we not give ourselves the same credit and apply the status in our day to day lives? 

Be yourself. You are already good enough. 

This quote was also fitting after intrigue from some followers arose as to my scholarship submission. To qualify for the board review I was required to submit a 500 word statement describing how I would help my community upon qualifying as a Life and Personal Performance Coach, since the scholarship funding requires the selected candidate to complete a number of hours coaching pro-bono publico within their local community upon completion of the course. For anyone interested this was my submission.

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Mantra for Monday no. 88
M4M 88.jpg

I love this quote and I love the book it came from.  

I've been listening to A Life Without Limits on audiobook for the last couple of weeks when i've been out for a run (or a power walk) and it's so inspiring- it actually makes me want to run faster!

One thing that is slightly scary is that I identify with some of the things she says a little too much... the pursuit for perfection that can ultimately be self destructive. Whilst I will say that my mental and emotional perspectives are far less extreme than Chrissie's it does remind me that I still need to learn to cut myself some slack in order to gain the most joy from this life and the moments that make it. 

When it comes to having an open mind, I'm definitely working on that and doing a pretty good job! I have come so far over these last couple of years and so many more opportunities have presented themselves during the process of 'opening up' that I wouldn't otherwise have 'seen' or have been approached with. What I need to now learn is to embrace those opportunities and see where they lead- that's the scariest part of all.... it's not the hard work, and not the open mind... it's following through with where it my all lead. The unknown!

Realising your true potential will always be a trek into the unknown. 

What is Mantra for Monday?

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