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Simplify... life...

Today I found myself rushing around on an adrenaline kick. This often happens after a period of quiet and stillness (I've had deep rest and restoration at the ISKON temple these last two weeks). It's as if my body is releasing all it's pent up energy that I not yet learnt to express through other means that would better serve me. It leaves me tired and exhausted. Yet it powerfully reminds me of the beauty of being able to slow down and simplify and motivates me to work on cultivating this with more control and consistently.

I can't think of anything in life that could not be improved by simplifying.

My mind always gets distracted by the next shiny new thing.


I feel overwhelmed ideas, choices and decisions.


Too much to do, too little time.


Recipes in books with a huge list of ingredients and processes.


Too much stuff cluttering up my shelves and drawers.


The answers to all my questions are revealed when I sit quietly and get right back to basics. Back in touch with my underlying truth. Back to love.


The more you are able to simplify the more time you spend living from the heart. Join me in Derbyshire or Lanzarote to begin to explore these truths and more in your own life. 


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What does yoga mean for you?

I absolute love these words that I originally saw shared on Facebook by my wonderful friend and coach Katie Hedges. It's actually something I've been thinking about a lot recently and was actually discussing with a friend at length yesterday as we sat together under the trees in the grounds of the Hare Krishna temple near Madrid where we are both currently volunteering. More on my time here at the temple another time... but now a moment to focus on yoga.

For me personally the practice of yoga takes two forms...

1) 'The Bendy' kind of yoga where I focus of increasing flexibility, of movement and breath, of rhythm, routine, beauty, and strength. A powerful form of exercise after which I feel tired and energised. The 'Lulu Lemon' kind of yoga where I put on my fabulous leggings and try and master the next big move.

But then there's...

2) 'The Inward' kind of yoga, where I focus on feeling and connecting with every aspect of my body, every fibre of muscle. The kind where I observe my focus shift from head to heart, where movements are subtle but significant- each a step to a deeper level of oneness with myself.

I love both forms of yoga.

Both serve me powerfully at different times of day or week, an intuitive response to what my body and mind craves.

But in moments of quiet I find myself pulled towards the latter kind. The kind which for so long I didn't understand or appreciate, and for so long denied myself when always on the go, go go. Always up in my head with little time to make the heart heard.

This 'yoga' is the nurturing of self love and acceptance of everything I am in each moment.

What does yoga mean to you?

I am running two retreats before the end of this year... yoga in all it's beautiful forms will be a key company of each. I'd love for you to join me... you can find out more here.

P.s see also this related post written a few days later!!



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