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‘Teatoxes’… what’s the deal?

Towards the end of last year I noticed a new craze seem to be hitting the realms of Instagram and  the internet throughout the world… ‘Teatoxes’. A style of detox in which you drink a herbal tea concoction to help eliminate bloating and aid weight loss etc. 

It seems pretty appealing to many since eating habits don’t change dramatically, you are simply adding in the tea (obviously healthy eating is recommended).  I can see the appeal this holds. Intrigued by the ever-growing 'before and after' photos showcasing ‘amazing’ results I wanted to give a Teatox a try for myself to understand from a personal point of view the pros and cons and also be in a more informed position to advise my clients who may have questions. For me it was not a case of seeking weight loss specifically, but I will say as someone who often has issues with bloating I was curious to see if this could help.

There are a couple of main manufacturers who supply to the UK. Bootea and Your Tea. There are also many other brands word wide (an maybe more in the UK that i;m not aware of).

I decided to opt for Your Tea since their teas DO NOT include herbs with laxative effects- such as senna (whereas Bootea does) more on that at the bottom of the post.

I first contacted Your Tea to ask if they would be willing to send me a 28-day Tiny Tea Teatox in return for a blog review… so now here you have it!

Note: The tea was kindly supplied to me by Your Tea following my email to them, but all words, opinions, photos and experiences are entirely my own. I had no other incentive to write this post other than curiosity and a desire to be better informed!

I think one of the reasons ‘teatoxes’ are so popular is because they seem a lot less scary than other forms of cleanse or detox. The idea of going on a juice cleanse or drinking copious amounts of green smoothies or only eating soups or shakes can be quite overwhelming and also restrictive and impractical in many people’s minds… Whereas the concept of a tea cleanse is ‘adding in’ and not ‘taking away’. This is much more in line with my own philosophy where ‘crowding out’ cravings and unhealthy foods is always my first point of call. I guess that’s why the general concept of a teatox felt more in tune with me, particularly as it's also another opportunity for people to add more liquid into their diet something which I find so many people still struggle with day to day.

Tea drinking is also something of a ritual, an act of mindfulness steeped in culture. I was actually excited about the opportunity to drink the three cups of tea each day as another reason to slow down and take time out for five minutes a few times each day. Regardless of the teatox… we should all do this a lot more!!

Ok, so let’s get down to it! 

What is a teatox?

Tea + detox = teatox. Essentially, it’s a 'supplement' that incorporates various teas/herbs designed to aid weight loss, boost energy, and cleanse the body.

Why I chose Your Tea?

As explained below, The Tiny Tea Teatox does not include Senna Leaf (Fan Xie Ye) in it's ingredients, this is a natural laxative that I wanted to avoid. I also liked the fact that the company is connected with nutritional expert Dr. Nat Kringoudis; who has a lot of sensible advice and a credible nutritional/herbal medicinal background..

Which product did I try?

I tried the Tiny Tea 28 day Teatox (you get 84 teabags per box to drink 3 times per day 30 minutes before each meal). There is also a 14 day version available as well as a gluten free version. They also have other products available such as 'Skin Magic' and 'Fertility Tea'.

What are the ingredients?

A blend of Chinese medicinal herbs: Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, Mai Ya. I researched these herbs in further detail and found that most of them are used to help relieve food stagnation. On other words, help push things along and get rid of 'sludge' and toxins that may not have found there way out of the body.

What does it taste like?

Like a strong 'herby tea'. It's quite a strong taste and the special blend of herbs aren't a flavour I can draw a similarity too to help describe. I may take a little getting used to for some but I actually really quite liked it (i don't like regular tea) and found it a pleasure to drink. I would say that had that not been the case I would have struggled to drink the three cups per day!

What did I experience?

Ok, I'll be honest. If you are waiting to hear me say... "I lost 7 pounds and gained a totally flat stomach" you'll be disappointed. I didn't actually experience much by way of side effects at all. I enjoyed the process, it made me more mindful and the notion of drinking the tea 30 mins before or after a meal meant that I snacked less which for me was a really good thing (I am a picker!). I didn't noticeably see any changes in bloating either. That said I certainly didn't experience any negative effects either.

I have a few suggestions for why this could be the case:

  • My diet is already very 'clean'. No sugars or inflammatory foods, plus I drink a lot of digestive herbal teas such as ginger and peppermint already on a daily basis.
  •  I think my bloating/digestion issues are predominately stress related and so tea drinking alone will not alleviate this (the mindfulness may help long term!).
  • In relation to the 'stagnation relief' of the herbs I researched, it seems this is more relevant to heavier foods more prone to stagnation such as animal products, which if course I don't consume, so in that case these herbs did not assist me a great deal. I could see in principle how someone with a typcially rich and heavier diet could potentially experience more significant benefit. 

My conclusion...

I'm undecided about the benefits of the Teatox. I like the idea in principle as a gentle way to cleanse the body, and the way it fits in with everyday life. BUT I don't think that everyone would experience the benefits of the 'before and after' photos as seen across Instagram. I think the effectiveness largely depends on the nature of your diet to start with and also any other ailments (physical or psychological) you may be dealing with.

That said, I do think the ritual of tea drinking and the benefit of increased fluid intake is a good thing. Therefore making up your own herbal tea blends, or drinking a digestive tea in including herbs such as peppermint, ginger and fennel could potentially be just as beneficial in many ways and is something I would recommend (I loooooove my fresh lemon and ginger in the mornings and peppermint tea leaves in the evening!)

...A few extra notes on types of Teatox (if you are still reading and haven't gone to sleep yet!)

It’s also important to make sure the products’ ingredients are safe. An ingredient of some concern found in many other teatox brands (not Your Tea) is senna leaf. This herb is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a nonprescription laxative used to treat constipation and to clear the bowel before a colonoscopy.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there’s insufficient evidence that senna promotes weight loss. But it does irritate the stomach lining to produce a laxative effect and can contribute to stomach discomfort, cramps, and diarrhea. Using it for more than two weeks (as you would following many teatox plans) is discouraged since it can cause abnormal bowel function or changes in electrolyte levels that can lead to heart problems, muscle weakness, liver damage, and other harmful effects. Since our bodies naturally cleanse and purify themselves by processing and eliminating them through sweat, urine, and faeces, using laxatives like senna if there’s no real medical could be deemed unnecessary. 

If you are interested to check out Your Tea for yourself you can find them HERE.

So, tell me...

Have you tried a 'Teatox'?

Would you try one? 

Do you drink your own herbal tea blends and feel any benefits?

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Take 'Time out' for tea!

Until about three years ago I never drank tea. Ever.

Yet now I can't keep away from the stuff…the herbal varieties that is... still don't like the regular stuf! ;-) Typically I have my litre of lemon water in the morning (ok, I know that's not really a 'tea' then I fill the rest of my day with plain water and either mint or sometimes ginger tea. Mint blends are my absolute favourite. How times change hey!

In September Pukka Herbs released some new tea flavours, and I asked if I could review them for my blog since I'm such a huge fan of their teas… "Three Mint' is my daily go to blend when I don't brew loose peppermint tea leaves.

I was sent a little selection and here they are:

Out of them all I think I enjoyed the detox tea most, though womankind and chamomile, vanilla and honey (I appreciate not truly vegan) are perfect for a hint of sweetness to satisfy a craving. I will be totally honest though and say I still most love the mint blend...for me I think I simply prefer the refreshing teas in comparison with the sweet or fruity teas, pooh I have just spied one named 'Refresh' on ther website.... I have never seen this available in the shops and now I really want to try it!!

I've actually been in meaning to write a longer tea inspired post for sometime as I feel the benefits of tea go way beyond what is actually in your mug, and now felt like the perfect opportunity. Ironically since Three Mint is my favourite blend I actually ran out a couple of days before I tool these photos so you can't see that variety in the shots, ha ha.

A tea for everyone!

So many of my coaching clients seek to make that transition away from fruit juices and fizzy drinks yet are discouraged by the idea of drinking copious amounts of plain water. Herbal teas to the rescue! There are so many flavours and varieties, I challenge anyone to not find a few they absolutely love! Please don't give up when you've tried a couple and are convinced... try a fruity one,  a sweeter one, and a refreshing one and see what best suits you. 

Also remember what I said at the beginning of this post? Until a few years ago I absolutely hated all teas (hot chocolate was my hot beverage of choice!!), yet when I transition to a plant-based lifestyle my taste buds changed over the following months and I began to like things that are used to hate. As you start cleaning up your diet and reducing refined foods and sugars your tastebuds adapt to a new level of sweetness and you'll also find that you truly appreciate the tastes of food in a totally new way. Seriously herbal tea could well become your new best friend.

A few benefits of tea:

So, why should you drink tea. Can it actually do anything for your health?

1. Faster metabolism - white, green and black teas can help boost you in this department. I choose green tea with a squeeze of lemon (A great start to your morning).

2. Better digestion - mint tea, fennel tea, ginger tea... and many more all help to assist digestion and reduce bloating, I love all of these flavours, perfect after dinner

3. Brighter, healthier skin- Tea contains antioxidants, which act as free radical scavengers; these can help prevent aging spots and maintain your skin's bright, youthful glow.  Personally I think being well hydrated with herbal teas (non caffeinated) which are much more interesting than plain water is the best boost for skin health

4. Better blood sugar regulation - By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, tea helps to improve blood sugar regulation. I also think mindfulness of eta drinking also plays a role (more on that in a moment)

5. Weight control - In addition to the metabolic benefits, many people find drinking tea helps curb their appetite and reduce mindless snacking between meals, thus making it easier to manage their weight.  I also suggests to clients that when a craving strikes, have a mug of teas and then see how you feel- sometimes that simple distraction is enough to takeaway the need.


The act of tea drinking goes way beyond the actual contents of your mug, it's an entire mind-body experience in itself. Holding a large, warm, heavy mug full of hot tea creates a little cocoon of mindfulness. It slows your breathing, hydrates and nourishes your soul.

Every morning as I sip my lemon water in the early hours upon waking and every evening as I have my last mint tea of the night I try and take five minutes to simply be at one with my tea (I'm by no means perfect and it doesn't always happen but it's what I aim for!) I enjoy feeling the steam hit my face as I bring the mug up to my mouth and simply enjoy the heat and the flavour whilst paying attention to the stillness of the moment... ok this might have gone a bit hippyish but for someone who struggles to meditate, to relax, to take time out… for me this is an experience I can really get on board with and I encourage everyone to simply take five minutes time out for tea whenever they can and to really embrace the experience.

If you like you can even have a special mug, mine is the dotty one in the photo it's a big chunky mug that takes nearly 500ml of tiny cups for me!!

For me, mindfulness truly is the most important part of my tea drinking rituals, whether it be tea bags, looseleaf, fresh lemon juice or mint leaves, sitting in a coffee shop drinking tea, out on the hills drinking tea from a flask on a cold winters day… There is always time for tea!

What does tea mean for you?

Do you take 'time out for tea' and what's your favourite flavour?

Is a mug of tea complete without a (healthy) cookie to compliment it? 

Is a mug of tea complete without a (healthy) cookie to compliment it? 

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