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The dreaded question... ‘So what do you do?’

For so many years I struggled with the abundance of ideas and options that flooded my mind...

Which ones should I follow? 

If I honour one does it meaning dropping the others? 

How will I tell people about what I do?

Ahhh, now I need another business card...

Which email address should I send this from?

I’m confused about who I am so I’m pretty sure other people are...

It resulted in confusion and overwhelm and feeling like I was scattering my focus so thinly and not really achieving anything at all. My confidence suffered and I cringed when asked the dreaded question: ‘So what do you do?’

Very recently all that changed when the missing piece of the puzzle fell into place.

An awareness and simplicity came into view and joined up all the dots that had been there all along. The common thread that tied everything together.

I am a coach

I am a writer

I am a designer

I am a firewalking instructor

I own a health food business

BUT above all of this...

“I help connect people to the best version of themselves”

join the dots.jpg

If you are a multi-passionate person feeling stuck and scattered by ideas and options you want to pursue. You don’t need to ‘pick one’ and drop everything else to achieve success.

Rise up and look at the bigger picture. Join the dots that have been there all along.... what is your core desire that connects the seemingly unconnected?

Focus on that place, serve from that place.

It’s your gateway for your clients to connect with ALL that you are, so that they can become ALL they they can be.

I call this the ‘The golden thread’

A fundamental core belief or set of values, that weaves through the essence of our lives and makes life most meaningful for us. 

It could also be called our mission statement. 

To articulate it in words gives it greater clarity and power. It brings the mission to life, beyond a ‘feeling in our heart’. It allows others to connect to that feeling too. It allows us to feel most connected to our purpose. 

Connection is key. If we can’t articulate it, we don’t have a voice. If we are not able able to put words to those feelings keeps us small, holds us back. We lack direction in life without that clarity.

This Thursday 4th October @ 8pm UK…

I am hosting a FREE WEBINAR to dive deeper into the ‘Golden Thread’, to rid the anxiety and overwhelm around the dreaded question… ‘so, what do you do?’

I would absolutely love you to join me there!

This is for you if you are struggling as a wellness solopreneur with multiple passions. Join me on October 4th @ 8pm UK time, where you will…

>>> Understand why you don’t need to ‘pick one thing’ and drop everything else you are passionate about to achieve success.

>>> Discover how knowing your deepest core values can play the biggest role in connecting with clients.

>>> Learn how to make yourself visible within the 'noise' of the wellness industry AND do it in a way that feels really authentic.

I'll be guiding you through a journey of discovery with a complimentary workbook, so you can shake things up and get started immediately!

P.s For more information on my deep dive ‘visibility package’ for wellness business owners kicking off in a couple of week time >>> CLICK HERE

webinar 04SEPT promo grey border.jpg

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'The Dance Of My Life {re-writing my story}

I spent a wonderful weekend at RAW FEST 2018 during which I gave two talks - one on the connection between a plant-based diet and out innate creativity (a topic I am so passionate about and is the focus on my forthcoming book) and secondly on 'sugar-free satisfaction' which is actually where this blog started off back in 2011!

It was a wonderful uplifting festival filled with woodland walks, vegan food, yoga, meditation, inspiring talks, sound baths, spiritual music, campfires and chanting... made all the more special as I was able to share the experience with my boyfriend.

On the last day it rained all day and I made a very fetching 'bin bag ball gown' to keep myself dry which worked a treat ;-)

bin bag.jpg

For me one of the main highlights and moments of growth, was the creative writing workshop with HART FLOE POET set in a circle on the woodland floor.

In the lead up to this piece, Hart Floe asked us to visualise our perfect life, thinking ahead to a time when we had achieved what we had set out to – what would that life look like? What would we be thinking, feeling, touching, tasting, hearing... Initially, as I began to write tears welled up in my eyes.


I could only picture myself alone, that has always been the way in these kinds of exercises when I visualise my future.

But I don’t want to be alone, and it overwhelmed me in that moment. I put my pen down and closed my eyes with the intention to quietly meditate on my breathe for the next few minutes until the exercise was over.

My boyfriend sitting by myself side noticed my tears. I felt silly in admitting to him the truth but he reminded me this was my chance to rewrite that story. I knew he was right. Hesitantly, I picked up my pen and with just a minute or so left of the exercise this is what poured onto the page. It felt so good.

I wonder, where in your life might you benefit from rewriting the story that plays out time and time again in your mind?

The Dance Of My Life...

There is a warmth in my heart and a flame in my soul. 

The stories and photos of those that I've helped lay bound in books by my bedside. 


Laughter fills the hallway and I smile, imagining the antics happening as I prepare lunch to share on brightly coloured plates. 

The large doors open onto the veranda and the breeze ruffles my hair. 
I look to the horizon, the azure sky and valleys beyond. 

Filling my lungs with the still quiet moments before the chaos ensues. 
Beautiful chaos, love and laughter. 

The stillness and the chaos create a beautiful symphony. 

The dance of my life.

...the orginial writing

...the orginial writing

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Green beans, radishes... and Soul Circus!

Last weekend I had the privileged of working at Soul Circus, as taken from their website...

"Let your body dance and your soul run free. Soul Circus is about shedding the constraints of your adult life and rediscovering the world through the eyes of your inner child. Fun. Fantastical. Free. We invite you to participate in a weekend of celebrating and rediscovering your true self."

After a week of beautiful weather, it rained almost all weekend. I'm not going to lie... it would have been amazing if we could have enjoyed sunshine, chilling out on the hay bales, soaking up the sun, sipping green juices, chatting, jamming, playing... but instead we spend most of it ducking under cover! The sun did make an appearance in Sunday and so we all made the most of that!

Luckily, all the yoga sessions were held under cover the paver of beautiful tents, and I went to as many sessions as I could... plus a sound bath (cos I love them!) and a pineal light therapy session. My favourite by far was the handstand yogis session led by these guys. 

The attention to detail at this festival was incredible, maybe it's my years as an architect but I have an eye for that kind of thing and it did not go unappreciated. The bright colours of the ribbons and bunting brought such life, colour and beauty to the rainy greyness that prevailed.

On two evenings I helped out back of house in the kitchens, on the first night we prepared six course vegan dinner for 40 guests led by Jay Halford at The Core Cheltenham and then on the second evening I assisted a dinner for 12 VIP's in a makeshift back stage kitchen! Chris the chef, gifted me lots of lovely organic veg that was leftover... I received a bag of cobnuts, beautiful red and golden beets and a bunch of radishes and fresh herbs.

I have only even eaten radishes raw before and so I was intrigued to pan fry them. I had loads of green beans ready in the garden so this simply dish came together nice and easily.

If you haven't tried cooking radishes before, I highly recommend it... lovely mellow and almost buttery flavour. I used coconut oil but you could use an alternative favourite.

Recipe: Green beans and radishes

Recipe: Green beans and radishes


  • 2 handfuls green beans- ends trimmed and beans cut in half
  • 1 small red onion (or 2 shallots)- sliced thinly
  • 1 handful radishes- halved or quartered
  • 2 tbs coconut oil
  • 2 garlic clives- crushed
  • 1 tsp mixed Italian herbs
  • small handful of fresh parsley or rosemary- chopped
  • red chilli pepper flakes to serve- optional


Boil the green beans for 5 mins.

Meanwhile prepare remaining ingredients and add to a large frying pan with the coconut oil.

Drain and add the green beans. Pan fry all together until the radishes are lightly golden. Add the fresh herbs and stir through to serve. Sprinkle a few red pepper flakes over the top if desired and add salt and pepper to taste.

Recipe: Green beans and radishes

P.s There is an early bird rate coming soon for next years Soul Circus festival... so keep an eye their website for more details.

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What is your WHY?

That was the question in the final workshop at Love Serve Create with David Taylor this weekend. A weekend of 'creating the extraordinary' with a powerful tribe.

Your 'why' is where you come from, why you show up the way you do on a deeply profound level. It doesn't necessarily relate to your job or career but more simply related to what you consider the most meaningful aspect of your life. So many of us are out of alignment with our 'why', many of us have never even asked ourselves that question or at least not allowed space to consider the answer. 

If you feel as though something is 'missing' that could be it. That's how I walked through my life for a long, long time.

@@When asked 'what do you do?' the common thought process is to consider the what and the how, yet what if we start with our 'why' and then allow the what and how to fall into place?@@ Simon Sinek has a great five minute video on this

What is my WHY? 

As part of David's game we each had a sheet of paper and spent an hour cutting, drawing, sticking, writing and thinking all about our 'why' and how we could best represent that visually. What came up for me was a total surprise since the first 20 minutes for me was spent staring around the room waiting for something to show up in my mind.

It got me thinking deeply yet openly and I'd love to share what came up for me and if you feel called to do so then I'd love to hear your 'why' too!

I want to create immersive environments with nutrition as the gateway for powerful personal experiences. I want to help you connect your body and mind through a sense of curiosity. Why? Because this is how I have evolved, this is the key to my own inner journey, this is what resonates deep within my own soul, this is how I see people step into their greatness and this is how I can most powerfully serve you. 

For my visual manifestation the sun facilitates the growth of the world. The sun is the source and energy radiates from it. The sun creates light and warmth, invites gratitude and 'immerses' the world lighting up it's true beauty. I want to harness the power of the sun.

One of my all time favourite quotes also came to mind as I created the 'artwork' and so it seemed fitting to write this within the centre. This quote says it all. Loving without judgement. Serving without expectation. Creating a powerful experience.

My wellness retreat in Lanzarote is a one-of-a-kind experience to deeply explore this with you and most deeply manifest my 'why'. My mind-body coaching spa sessions are created from this very same space and I'm so honoured and excited to be able to share this with you also. This is why I am also scared and overwhelmed. I dream big, but these big dreams need a voice and only together can we create that voice. 

I look forward to exploring my 'why' more and more in coming weeks, months and years. Who knows what will show up- my mind is wide open! 

Most importantly, in following my why I can support you in following yours.


Curious to work together? Get in touch for a complimentary chat and we'll see where your are at and where you want to go!

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Day to day you can always find me hanging out in these places:


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The 'business' of wellness.... have our heads taken over our hearts?

I’m not really sure where this blog post is coming from, I have a feeling it’s been brewing for a while. I can however tell you precisely what triggered me to sit down and write these words right here and now.

When I saw the Mail On Sunday ‘You’ Magazine sitting in my mum’s coffee table this morning with a cover image of Natasha Corrett as the ‘Queen of green’, I was eager to delve into reading the article…

However I quickily became a bit shouty which surprised me as I am not typically an opinionated person. I’m usually the type to sit on the sidelines and watch others debate, not because I don’t have my own thoughts, but because I am pretty good at seeing a situation from various angles or playing devils advocate in a given situation regardless of my own views. 

I think it’s more  growing sense of frustration that had triggered this outburst, not so much the article itself. Please understand that I have nothing specifically against Natasha herself (and totally appreciate the media’s habit of skewing perspective) indeed I follow her Instagram account and to be honest, anyone who is helping to change people’s eating habits for the better, in whatever form that may take is a good person in my eyes. That said… 

I hate the way ‘clean eating’ and ‘superfoods’ (I have begun to hate those words but can’t find better ones so bear with me!) have been become a social status, a fashion accessory, a sex symbol, a competition, and a money making opportunity at every turn…

I follow many wellness and foodie accounts on Instagram, and whilst I love the platform for it I am beginning to hate the flawless feminine perfection I feel is it fast becoming associated with. A green juice held by a long dainty hand with perfectly lacquered nails and a carefully positioned bracelet... for example!

I point the finger at no-one in particular, this is simply a growing sense of unease within me. 

So many of the highly successful entrepreneurs of the healthy eating revolution began their crusade off the back of healing their own health issues… for that I have deep admiration and endless respect and always will. 

BUT then it soon seems to shift, a subtle sneaky shift by the lure of the media as it soon becomes a money making game. Tapping into the widening gap in the UK market, tapping into the need and sometimes desperation of so many health conscious people looking for an answer. Any answer. 

There in a lot of vulnerability in the health and wellness arena. A lot of people looking for answers from the outside yet failing to look within for their own truth. Often women, often looking to rebuild their own confidence and sense of self along the way.

As a health & life coach this terrifies and worries me… the message is becoming skewed, with added pressure and ideologies of the elite lifestyle to live up to. An external visual representation of good health does NOT directly indicate an internal emotional level of good health. 

Looking good on the outside does not immediately equate to feeling good on the inside. Of course the two can and do go hand in hand. This is what we should all be striving for and nutritional plays a huge role, arguably the biggest role. YET I feel this is also the realm of huge misdirection of keeping up appearances, of ticking boxes and not asking the WHY, HOW, WHAT of our own personal health journies.

My own health journey has sure evolved and shifted over the last year or so as I have done a lot more inner work and asked deeper questions of myself. I will share this with you more in a separate post once I've better collated my thoughts.

I hate the way ‘clean eating’ has become portrayed as elitest...

The notion that it is expensive is not helped at all by this new wave of media coverage and fashion icon status. Yes I do use various specialist ingredients myself and I buy organic whenever I can… BUT I aim create recipes largely using the basics. Simple, time efficient, plant based recipes using cupboard ingredients with some of the ‘extra special ingredients’ thrown in or at times when I want to get a little creative. When I do use special ingredients, I use them time and time again in different recipes and so there will never be that situation of buying an expensive ingredient and having it sitting forlorn in the cupboard for ever more.

For me, the innate curiosity in exploring your own health journey through the mind/body connection is lost when we look to the outside for a leader or an identity to emulate. We loose ourselves.

I also hate the growing business focus of wellness. Ok, let’s be clear here that I’m totally cool with making money… it makes total sense that our efforts should reap a financial reward. I also appreciate that this is large part my own personal viewpoint since I am simply not a money minded individual, it’s not what makes me tick. I’d like as much as I need to live a comfortable life but nothing more. Other people have different financial priorities and that’s cool too.

My frustration comes when the INTENTION behind the push for health and wellness comes from the head and not the heart. I feels to me as though that is where many enterpreneurs have got caught up along the way as the clean eating phenomenon has hit the UK like a whirlwind these last few years.

As a coach and also a heath food business owner myself, my fundamental drive above and beyond anything else is to help people. Help people to get curious to explore their own unique wellless journey.

I write my Including Cake blog (and have been doing so for 4 years) that does not directly bring me a single penny of income- no advertising or ongoing affiliations. I do it because I love it and want to serve you and because it acts as my own creative outlet that I want to share. 

I run Wholeplus, my food business that I personally execute at every level from the website to the graphics to the marketing to the labelling to the production of the product mix to the packaging and ultimately dispatch of course I could outside much of this and grow the business hugely, but I choose not to as I want full control to ensure the brand stays true to me and my connection with my customers. 

A believe that  a business in health in wellness should be lead from the heart and not the head.

I think deep down this is why the article in the MOS made me a little shouty. There is seemingly so much competition and bitchiness behind the scenes in the wellness lifestyle environment fiercely dominated by women. These two extracts from the article made me particularly sad: 

“it’s clearly a competitive field, and Natasha is jealously protective of her patch. ‘For me, its about being the first to do something’ she says”.

“earlier she had complained about rivals stealing her sweet potato brownie recipe, which happens to be the most read recipe on Deliciously Ella, ‘I was the fist person to do that, now everyones got a sweet potato brownie recipe, so I always have to come up with new ideas”.


For me the fundamental aim of a proponent of health and wellness is to live a life of passion and through that truly inspire others to take small steps towards a healthier life, wherever they may be at. It is also a huge opportunity to stand together and unite in wellness, recognising there is enough room in the arena for us each to play a part from a business standpoint yet still be there to support each other as a growing unity in the world.

Really... is this too much to ask?

People like Jamie Oliver, whilst maybe being further from my own food philosophy that many of those in the ‘clean eating revolution’ inspires me daily with his pure passion and drive to connect with the people. Real people at every level of society. He shows up in life, rough and ready, full of passion, full of his truth and full of heart.

Ok, I’m done now. If you've read this far I am truly humbled. I feel as though maybe i’ve rambled and maybe I could have put my point across in fewer words, but I needed to vent in this space. My space. I wanted to be honest and open and vulnerable.

I have no idea what reactions this will cause… positive? Negative? Indifference? This is unknown territory for me to verbalise thoughts like this in the public realm and so writing this is a hugely vulnerable experience for me. But it’s how I encourage you so show upon the world. From your heart and your truth. And so I lead by example with mine.


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My Lanzarote Wellness Immersion Retreat is here!

Did you see it!  

Did you see it?

My Lanzarote Wellness Immersion Retreat is here. Yay! Whoop whoop!

It has it's own dedicated page with all the details. I am so excited to share it and so please forgive me if it pops up in conversations quite a lot in coming weeks.... literally everything in my head is geared toward it at the moment.

True story... when I was in Lanzarote last week and my co-host Daniel and I had just secured the villa. I was dancing around his kitchen exclaiming 'yay, now I can develop loads of awesome recipes for the retreat' at which he laughed at me and said 'Jo we need to actually fill the spaces first'. Oh yeah, I guess there is that! 


I won't go on about it too much now as you can read all about it here but I just want to leave you with my little poster I have just been crafting. It was exactly one week ago today I was standing by the that poolside of the villa in the photo! :-)

Please, please get in touch if you are curious to know more and want to chat about it, or just chat about anything heath and wellness related... i'm always here for you!

P.s if you are not already on my newsletter list... but want to be kept in the know about the retreat or future news and events, please sign up here (you'll also get my cool recipe ebook as a little gift!)


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Day to day you can always find me hanging out in these places:

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Trust is worth the risk

I've been doing a lot of inner work recently, allowing thoughts and feelings to bubble up to the surface and learning to trust my intuition and create the life I truly want to lead.

I love this three minute video, not just for the strength, power, purity of the movements (though I admit that I do have a thing for that too!!)  but also the powerful words spoken... these are my favourite extracts...

Trust is worth the risk

We expend so much time watching and calculating, trying to reading signals in people before anything to change suddenly. Preparing to be disappointed.

We talk about trust as something we ‘build’, as if it’s a structure or thing, but in that building there seems to be something about letting go.  But it allows us to stop thinking, to stop worrying that someone won’t catch us if we fall. It allows us to relax a part of our minds that we can focus on what’s right in front of us and stop worrying what’s going on when we are not there. 

That’s why it’s such a tragedy when it’s broken. 

Trust is not one way but many ways. Trust is your relationship to the unknown, it’s a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world.

For me, it's also a practice of leaning about the capacity of yourself.

Can you cultivate more trust with yourself or the people around you in your life today?

Why not sign up for my newsletter in my sidebar where I feature roundups and special offers plus my FREE ebook. If you are new round here check out my 'About' and 'Getting Started' tabs up top. To buy nibbles you can also find me over at Wholeplus. 

Day to day you can always find me hanging out in these places:

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Walking into meditation

I took some time this afternoon to sit in the sunshine and read Headspace by Andy Puddicombe. Just before I planned to pack up for the day I read the section entitled ‘Walking Meditation’ and so put into play the exercise he set out within. Here is the online version of the exercise in case of interest. In essence, as you begin to walk, simply notice how the body feels. Begin observing what you see going on around you then turn your attention to sounds and smells. Gently shift your attention to the sensation of movement in the body and create awareness around each of your senses.

“As I walked the three minute journey across the field and back to my house I paid attention to the senses and their interaction with the world around me.

My rucksack on my back, comfortable for once without my drink bottle digging into the base of my spine as usually happens when I pack it in a rush. 

My arms swinging loosely by my side, my right arm much more so than my left which was obstructed by the blanket I had tucked under my left backpack strap.

Mindful of my feet as my little toes tried their best to wriggle out from the side of my cheap £4 Primark sandals, something I would usually have irritated me but in this instance made me smile. 

As I crossed the halfway point of the field, the texture of the grass changed. Where it had been cut the loose dried grass gathered between the soles of my feet and my sandals and I shook them lightly as I walked. 

I noticed I sped up as I passed a group of people being loud and trying to leapfrog each other, I’m not sure why the hurry was necessary. 

As I left the field and onto the tarmac, the sounds changed as did the softness of my step. I was under the cover of trees and the temperature plummeted dramatically as I was out at the sunlight. Knowing I was only a few moments away from my back door I didn’t put my zip top up on but appreciated the change in temperature and the goosebumps on my skin.

At this point I smiled to myself, I began thinking that maybe i’d write this up as a blog post when I arrived home and my thoughts changed tense, as if recounting my journey that had not yet been. Catching my mind wandering, I pulled it back, and for a few final moments appreciated the backs of the houses that I knew so well from the front yet rarely saw in reverse." 

Mindfulness of the journey, one which can be cultivated by us all at any opportunity.

When will you next take a walk into mindfulness?


Small side note: this photo wasn't of my actual journey today- my phone had died by that point and so this was one taken on a walk a few days ago- just so you know ;-)

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Day to day you can always find me hanging out in these places:

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