The power of creativity... way beyond the artists canvas!

Last weekend I got the urge to paint after watching a wonderful Jim Carrey clip that really spoke to my heart (watch it here). I have always been an artist, through school and college and right through to university where I spent most of my architecture degree in the workshops making models and sketching building concepts rather than learning CAD software ;-)

My creativity typically now manifests itself through food, writing and design. But every now and again you see the 'full-on technicolour Jo' usually at my workshops and retreats.... here there are always three things present:

1) plant-based food

2) deep mindful connections 

3) the space to 'let go' and create

Last weekend I combined paint and hot-melt glue to create some mixed media pieces on some old cork floor tiles I found in my house. I am a bit shy to show you them as its been a long time and I'm a bit rusty...and, well I guess you just know me as a food photographer when it comes to 'art', but here you go, a quick pic I took on my phone!

I am planning on bringing all creative materials to my Raw Retreat in under two weeks time... we may even all have a go at glue art, its so easy and lots of fun! :-)

Crafting is a big part of my Raw Retreat, and it has huge benefits on so many levels (and participant feedback has been great too!)

  • it's a very mindful activity

  • it allows us to use more of our senses, particularly touch and is incredible grounding

  • it instills a childlike sense of curiosity

  • those who think that are not 'creative' find themselves 'letting go' and overcoming their own resistance and mental barriers.

  • you have a physical memento to anchor a positive experience

  • creating things together builds a wonderful group energy, but equally can create a powerful space for solo reflection.

Here are some pics from the Raw Retreat Experience in January this year, and a couple from my dreamcatcher and 'bliss ball' workshops. I didn't take that many- I was too immersed in it all!


Now, I would love to hear from you... do you see yourself as 'creative'? 

Think as broadly as possible- way beyond the artists canvas! How you could incorporate a deeper sense of creativity into your everyday life for more powerful results?

I would absolutely love to have a conversation with you to help bring a deeper sense of creativity and curiosity into your view of the world. Ping me an email and let's set up a time to talk!