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Mantra for Monday no. 128


You've probably heard me say before how hard I find meditating. Sitting still with no fixed focus is hard.

I have found some ways to overcome this... by running... I talked about that here.

I even signed up for The Mindful In may Challenge last year... I really tried hard! 

A friend recently reminded of Andy Puddicombe and his Headspace app which I had downloaded a long-time ago but didn't dedicate time to consistently. Over the last week Ii have been more focussed in building it into my daily routine. I like his soft gentle words, and the ways he creates and environment the allows you to wander off and to simply return. 

Mediation is all about noticing and observing, not giving ourselves a hard time when our minds wonder in amongst the 'clouds' but simply to notice that is happening and pull back from them to watch the clouds whilst still appreciating the blue sky.

Now i'm not trying to stop the thoughts from entering my mind, but simply noticing them like a child with a sense of curiosity. A subtle change in perspective maybe, but it may make all the difference,

What is Mantra for Monday?

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