A powerful morning routine!

I was recently asked by an editorial to submit a few sentences on the theme of "Tips & advice for every day wellness & healthy living"

This is what came to mind and so now I am sharing with you too...

My Top Tip: Create a powerful morning routine to set your day up right!

(do you remember I even created a mini Facebook Challenge focussing on this earlier in the year!)

Your routine could be a combination of lots of small habits that are often easy to forget or overlook on their own but a powerful combination when built into a sequence. Your routine could take 5 mins or 20 mins depending on your personal time commitments.

For example my morning routine typically involves taking ten deep gratitude breaths upon waking, then drinking a pint of lemon, turmeric and ginger water (prepared the night before) before coconut oil pulling whilst in the shower (I do this last part as often as I can!) 

On mornings I am not busy with appointments I will try and take time out for some yoga on my mat before starting my day.... it makes a huge difference.

Many of my colleagues and clients find writing, meditation or drinking a green smoothie to juice perfect components of their routines.

I'd love to hear what is a non-negotiable in your routine?

Or maybe there is something that niggles at the back of your mind that you want to do but haven't yet created a routine around?

Here's to making powerful mornings...


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