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Does a plant-based diet increase creativity?

I've been a contributor to The Hectic Vegan Magazine ever since it's launch a year (or two?) ago. There is another issue due out early Spring and I realised I hadn't yet filled you in on the December release!

As per the previous issues, I had a number of recipes featured - these ones were mostly pumpkin focussed ;-)  There was also a special 50% discount on my Not Just For Goldilocks  porridge recipe book!

You can download your digital copy of the magazine (and previous issues) for FREE here! 

But... I am also excited to share another feature that I am so passionate about, that is exploring the link between creativity and a plant-based diet.

It's an absolutely fascinating topic that I am currently delving into more deeply (with a book in mind), a connection that I have experienced deeply in my own life.  This blog was also triggered by a post that caught my eye on the Veganuary Instagram page...

vegan different perspective.jpeg

I have often talked about my philosophy that a plant-based diet goes way beyond the food itself. Once we begin to question one aspect of our lives, our minds open up to explore so much more in terms of how we relate to the world around us.

@@>>>Once we think outside the box, once we shift our perspective, life literally becomes limitless!@@ 

Here is that article, you can click to zoom in (or download the magazine to read it properly!), I love how the designers have illustrated the quotes I gathered from some Facebook research in little speech bubbles (I am a sucker for quirky details!) ;-)

I also see a huge link between the concepts of 'creativity' and 'spirituality' in terms of our connection with our innate sense of self and the bigger picture beyond.. maybe that's a topic for another post, ha ha)

Feel free to chime in with your experiences too - have you noticed an increase in your creativity or spirituality since going plant-based?

I am very keen to hear from those that feel strongly about the subject... and you may well feature in my new book, planning is currently underway and I am aiming to publish it before the summer! Please drop me a note if you'd like to share your thoughts and would be open to having a chat!

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'The Why Behind Your Goals' - New Thrive Magazine feature!

Last week I was so excited to be published in Thrive Magazine featuring not one BUT two articles!

A recipe (one of my favourites from way back when I first transitioned to a plan based diet!) and little coaching focussed article.  


Sue- the creator of the magazine- has kindly let me share the articles in full for you here. Her words were:

 "I started Thrive to share all the healthy, info available so share, share away".

Such a beautiful sentiment and so I hope if you like the articles and appreciate the beautiful layout and all the hard work Sue has put in behind the scenes you might pop along to the website to check out the free sample and maybe download a copy.  I can honesty say it is an absolutely beautiful magazine.


I'm always on a mission to dive deeper and understand what truly creates change, what helps us stick to goals, why we self-sabotage and so many other 'frustrations' we all have in our lives when it comes to reaching our potential.  Here are a few words on the theme of goals.

Oh and a recipe... anyone remember it? Way back here in January 2012- wow! 

It was one of the first plant based recipes I cooked for my family and then for my work colleagues. It is also the recipe that I mention to others who come to me for advice and meal ideas for cooking for a veggie, veggie, coeliac or picky eater... nearly everyone I know likes a comforting curry dish!

JoHodson 3.jpg
JoHodson 4.jpg

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