Including Cake 'On The Road'

If you are looking for a deep dive full on health immersion to kick-off some big shifts... this is for you!!

This is a one of a kind in-house (in YOUR house!) health & lifestyle mentoring intensive. We'll fully examine your current lifestyle, pinpointing the blocks that are keeping you stuck, and then co-create a whole new one to give you the springboard to seriously awesomise your life!

Health is the foundation for creating your very best life.  Moving towards a more whole-food plant-based diet and minimising refined and processed foods is one of the key tools I use to optimise that process. It doesn't matter what kind of diet you follow, there will be no judgement or deprivation, you simply need to be open to integrating more healthy wholefoods and exploring plant-based options... I have plenty of creative food hacks for overhauling your habits and have you packing in more veggies! ;-)


Working together will look something like this...

We'll join forces for either a 3-day or 7-day health immersion coaching intensive. I'll live with you at your home for the full duration and you'll gain my full attention throughout each day for an immersive health coaching and mentoring exploration. This will include*:

  • Pre immersive coaching conversation to ensure I am fully prepared to support you in your needs

  • Hands-on guidance and side-by-side mentoring for all meals and snacks each day (with option of recording as video for your future use)

  • Local supermarket store tour and/or health food store tour - we'll discuss where to focus attention when navigating a supermarket and how to avoid the pitfalls as well as top tips for food label reading.

  • Online shopping tips, best companies to buy health foods from and special discount codes

  • The 'clean fifteen & dirty dozen' plus plenty of other ways to minimise your healthy food expenditure whist getting the best quality.

  • 'Food Hacks' creativity classes

  • Healthy 'fast food' tips

  • Extra meals and snacks prepped for the freezer for your benefit after I leave

  • Recipe E-books and info sheets including all recipes we have covered together, and top tips for what to try next.

  • ‘Beyond food’ mind-body coaching sessions about the power of nutrition to create an optimal life

  • Time spent outside to fully integrate the power of nature

  • 1 or 2* x follow-up 1hr Skype coaching session(s) taken within the month following your immersion, to answer any questions and overcome any blocks or overwhelm as you integrate the new habits and practices into your daily life.

*For the 3-day intensive we will not be able to cover everything in as much depth as the 7-day, but the overall process and aims for our time together will be exactly the same. For a 3-day intensive there will be one follow up Skype session, whereas for a 7-day intensive you will have two sessions.

Your investment to seriously awesomise your life:

3-day intensive: £1400

7-day intensive: £2400

Accommodation, travel and food costs are additional and to be provided and covered by client agreed in advance.

The immersive experience is open to clients anywhere in the UK and Europe.  


Are you Interested in a health immersion? 

Get in touch and tell me a little about where you are at in your life right now, then let's arrange a time to talk and explore more together!

If you are looking for more traditional 1-1 coaching relationship delivered over a period of time, check out how we could work together here.