Creating Experiences

Creating Experiences...

At the beginning of 2016 year I didn't set a typical New Years Resolution, but instead I gave myself a word to focus on as the year played out, a word to live into.... the word was 'EXPERIENCE' and my focus was (and still is) to have as many 'experiences' over the course of this year (and beyond) as possible. Many, but not all, of these experiences will involve travel so that I can immerse myself in another life, another community, another culture, another person's world. I am seeking 'experience' in the widest, most open-minded context possible. 

These experiences are the backbone of my evolution. Living from the heart, getting vulnerable, creating curiosity and above all deepening the ways in which I can most powerfully show up and for you, my clients.

I'm passionate about supporting you in your own personal evolution. 

Some of the greatest ways in which we grow is during conversation with others. I'm offering complimentary exploratory conversations to anyone, anywhere in the world... All I ask is that you have a deep desire to explore the mind-body connection and are curious about upgrading your life's journey. These sessions are 60 minutes and we'll dive deep so if you are interested, drop me an email describing in a few sentences what you are seeking to explore within your life right now. All sessions will be via Skype. I'm excited to explore your life with you!

Below you'll find a summary of blogposts documenting the essence of my experiences so far...