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I work with multi-passionate people to find the magic in the messy!

I have created a whole host of resources all intended to help you reconnect with the best version of yourself in mind body and spirit and help you harness your unique and multi-faceted creativity to live life on your own terms.

Below is an overview of my resources library, and I will keep adding more over time simply because I can’t stop creating!

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I AM perfect day visualisation COV.jpg

I AM Perfect Day Visualisation

A tool to bring you back to centre, to bring you back home to yourself and the truest vision for your life.

gift in everything challenge FCOV.jpg

The Gifts In Everything

The 30 Day Challenge for re-framing negative experiences and learning to love what is.

this year i am.jpg

I AM Cards

Perfect as an alternative to a birthday card, New Years card or simple and intention setting tool for any new chapter in your life. This is your statement, your space to acknowledge all that you are becoming. You are the artist of your life.

drink up challenge FCOV.jpg

Drink Up Challenge & The Lemon Water Challenge Guide

A combo of my popular lemon water challenge (400+ people joined the live Facebook challenge) and my ‘drink up’ challenge to revamp your relationship to your beverages.

healthy eating hacks UPDATED.jpg

Top 15 Hacks for Healthy Body & Mind

A collection of practical health hacks I use all the time. Designed to offer inspiration to combat the overwhelm of a healthy lifestyle and shift your thinking outside the box when it comes to food and much more.

choc banana brownie bread recipe card.jpg

PETA bake off finalist : Choc Banana Brownie Bread Recipe Card

One of my top recipes - it even got shortlisted in the Vegan Bake Off. What happens when chocolate brownies and banana bread collide? You’re about to find out!

recipe guide comp gift cov.jpg

A Recipe For Wellness

A collection of favourite recipes that I have shared at retreats and workshops

month sugar free cover.jpg

A Month Of Sugar Free

When I first began my blog in 2011 I was super hardcore healthy and refined sugar-free was my big thing! If you want to go sugar free this is packed with tops tips to navigate life!

mini detox.jpg

Cleanse 3-Day Detox

In the early days of my work as a health coach clients often asked for these kinds of recipes so I created a guide. (To be used as inspiration and a short term boost - these guidelines are not medically endorsed)

REBOOT cover.jpg

Reboot : Boosting You Everyday Life

You don’t need supplements and ‘superfoods’ to boost your health, BUT if you fancy giving them a try and want some ideas of where and how to incorporate them, this is the guide for you.

IIN welllness book OCT2014 COV.jpg

Seeking Wellness

A collection true stories to inspire you soul. A collaboration by the graduates of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2013.


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