Nutrition Is The Gateway : The Interview Series

I am creating an ongoing interview series and this is my 'WHY' behind its creation. 

This is the reason I believe so deeply in the power of mind-body connection.

This series is a platform for sharing the stories of those who have created powerful transformation in their lives through plant-based nutrition as the gateway to change. Nutrition is a powerful catalyst... but it is just the beginning and so I invite you to enjoy this space and be inspired by the journeys and the voices of others, and in doing so step more powerfully into your own story.

Each interview is around 20 minutes long and so go and make a mug of tea and settle down for a few minutes time out. You can watch the videos by clicking the thumbnails below or view directly in Youtube HERE.

With every interview in this series, the questions we are exploring are loosely along these lines...

1.    Where do you feel nutrition factors in to the mind-body connection?
2.    If I said 'Nutrition is more than simply the food we eat' would you agree and what does this mean for you?
3.    Tell me about your own nutritional journey- what was your 'aha' moment or turning point?
4.    Why do you think there is so much resistance when it comes to nutrition and making lifestyle changes? 
5.    What do you see for the future of nutrition, and what would you like to see?
6.     If there were two or three top tips you would give someone looking to step into their optimal life and increase the mind-body connection, what would they be?

I'd love to hear your own story! Get in touch and let's have a conversation:


Published 02/06/16 - From 'incurable' debilitating Crohns disease to fighting fit on a plant based diet.... listen to Dan's inspiring and incredibly uplifting story of transformation that became the springboard for an entirely new way of life and the community that he now shares with others on their journey to optimal living. 


Published 10/10/16 - In this interview, Talia Berriman inspires us with her own wellness story though using nutrition as the 'antidote' to overcoming her mental health issues and how this journey inspired other shifts along the way.

We talk about how a packet of 'cheesy chips' triggered an overnight transformation, and how seeing physical changes create the powerful motivation to continue the emotional and mental exploration.


Published 29/07/16 - In this interview, Sue Hay inspires us with her own wellness story and what triggered her re-direction in life that ultimately resulted in the creation of Thrive Magazine.

My favourite quote of our interview is this... "Don't listen to or absorb any of the information in the media until you can listen to your own body. As soon as you can listen to your own body you've got the capability to question exactly what you are reading."