Meet the Maker… 

Welcome to Including Cake… the sister site of Wholeplus.

Hey, I’m Jo, I created the Wholeplus Toppers range and I’m the health conscious foodie behind the plant-based recipe and mindset website Including Cake.

What first began as an extension of my active lifestyle and personal nutritional ethos, became all encompassing after I completed a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, part of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and qualifying as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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"Fitness has always been an important part of my life.... I just fidget too much to stay still for very long! Over the course of time I came to realise just how important nutrition is in creating optimal fitness, both physically and mentally. Through my exploration and transition to a plant-based wholefood lifestyle, I have found a philosophy that ticks all the boxes.

Creativity is also an equal passion, a lifelong obsession to always explore new and interesting ideas. Wholeplus Toppers were born from this mindset of creativity... the perfect ingredient to inspire your own sweet (or even savoury) creations in the kitchen".

I first created the Wholeplus range back in 2013 when I became frustrated with the glorified ‘candy’ protein bars and energy products sold on the shelves at the gyms I frequently went to. Nutrition and holistic wellness had become the foundation to building my own confidence and designing an amazing life from the inside out so I knew I had to do something to change the way people engaged with food.

Backtrack to 2011, ‘Including Cake’ first began as a ‘little food blog’ so named because I was determined to prove that living your very best life was not about compromise, restriction or following convention. But there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that has brought me to that point in time.

  • I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

  • I have a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

  • I received a scholarship to study with The Coaching Academy as a personal performance coach.

  • I am a qualified Firewalking instructor – one of the most deeply self-empowering experiences than can be undertaken.

  • I have a first-class honours degree in design and architecture – creativity, and it’s application in the world, is the driving force of my life. Time after time I see that leaning into creativity as a tool for self empowerment is an integral component of living a life of optimal wellness. 

I am a life and mindset coach, recipe developer, designer and all round creative soul… helping you to embrace all of who you are to live your very best life.

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So, that’s a little bit about me…

Below you can find more about my coaching work, browse 100’s of plant-based recipes or if you’d prefer you can head right back to the Wholeplus page!