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    The membership community…

    If you are not already part of the I AM Facebook group, you might want to go check it out and get a feel for the vibe.

    This is a community of people committed to growth and committed to showing up authentically in ownership of their journey.

    I AM... is a space to express who we are, who we are becoming or maybe who we are leaving behind. 

    I AM... is a space of honouring moments, insights, shifts in thinking.

    I AM is a personal exploration in this space of love and safety. 

    The membership community is a deep dive group coaching experience.

    We will apply the principles from the I AM group and come together twice per month for a live Zoom call. The group size will be kept small to maintain depth of connection.

    When you join the membership community you will also receive a 1-1 session with me to explore personal goals and intentions to gain the most from the coaching experience, these 1-1 sessions will continue every 6 months for as long as you choose to be a part of the community.

    We will have an exclusive group space where you will have the opportunity to share openly with me and each other in between live sessions to continue the energy and momentum.

    This is the next best thing to working with me 1-1 (and significantly cheaper!) and has the added value in coming together as a powerful shared group energy.

    Launching soon… register for more details!