NEXT DATES: 25th - 28th August 2017


The creation of Raw Retreat Experience came from the innate curiosity of exploring the inner depths of who I am... and now flows into the space I want to create for you on your own personal journey. A stripped back experience to remove luxury and create an environment for deeper connection with your inner spirit. The continual journey of life of which we are all a part. Always learning. Always curious.

Our retreat group will be created from no more than 10 people to offer the most powerful energy, so that we can support each other most deeply and so I can be fully present with each and every one of you. During the weekend we will spend time together as a group and still have plenty of time for ourselves. The retreat is open to men and women ready to open their heart and soul.

The new bank holiday retreat retreat will run from the Friday evening through until the Monday afternoon... a full long weekend to truly rejuvenate and restore the soul. Retreats that do not land on a bank holiday finish on the Sunday afternoon.

I am also incredibly excited to be working one again with Dionne Reid at Manabika Yoga! She will be guiding us through two yoga classes on the Saturday and Sunday.  You can read more about Dionne and her background below.

You need not have any yoga experience, equally if you do, Dionne will have options to challenge you in finding a new edge. Mornings will be a dynamic practice... Fusing inspiration from ashtanga, animal, jivamukti and Hatha yoga and movement principles. Evenings will find us winding down with a slower paced practice, we will embrace yin and shadow yoga techniques, and relax with some complimentary sound therapy & meditation. Every class will include pranayama (breath work). 

Dionne will also be available for specific queries should you have them. In advance or at the retreat itself. Info@manabika.com



  • 3 nights accommodation (over the bank holiday) We will be staying in a village hall in the heart of the Peak District (see note below).
  • 3 vegan meals per day plus snacks.
  • Daily Yoga sessions in which we will guided by Dionne from Manabika Yoga.
  • Group coaching, meditation, discussions.
  • Space for crafting, reading and writing.
  • Mindfulness walk around the countryside .
  • Vegan food workshops and nutritional discussions.
  • Opportunities for skill sharing and 1-1 discussions/treatments.
  • Welcome goodies.
  • ALL FOR ONLY £230!

NOTES: All food served will be vegan (but please advise of any allergies/sensitivities at time of booking enquiry). A part of the 'raw' experience we will be all sleeping in the open space of the main room of the village hall. You will need to provide all you own sleeping equipment. There are toilets for washing but no showers on site and there will be a dedicated 'changing room' to help ensure you remain feeling fresh.... just look forward to that glorious bath when you arrive home after the retreat :-)

Your investment for this experience is only £230 per person

Get in touch through hello@includingcake.com for payment details and to reserve your spot with a deposit. Please note monies are non-refundable but you may transfer your space to another person as long as I am notified of this change. 


Here's little taster of what we got up to during the first retreat (September 2016)


Here's a little taster of what we got up to during the second retreat (January 2017)


Beautiful feedback from previous retreats...

"It felt like coming home, space to BE!" - Lisa

I have learned loads about myself, I met wonderful people that feel the same as me inside. This is the closest I get outside 'recovery' in connection with feelings, emotions and understanding". - Jude

"Lovely vegan food, lots of walking, lots of talking and brilliant company." - Anne

Thank you so much Jo, I cannot begin to explain how the retreat has changed so much for me on the way I view myself and life. I am a warrior! - Emma  (Lanzarote wellness retreat)

Jo is one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met. She is truly enthusiastic and passionate about serving others. Her authenticity was reflected in her beautiful food! I felt so light , refreshed and energised throughout the retreat - Jaina  (Lanzarote wellness retreat)

Home after a truly fantastic experience on Jo’s retreat. The vegan food has been amazing!! The group, none who had met before, were inspirational individually and collectively. Something has changed in me!! Thank you all - Paul  (Lanzarote wellness retreat)

It's weird how you can be stripped bare in a week from being so honest and then built back up again to the time you are leaving to face your normal routine. I will be reflecting a lot on that in the next few weeks. I feel like a different person. Whenever I feel like its slipping again I just hear someone's voice in my head from the retreat saying positive things and I'm ok again.- Emma (Lanzarote wellness retreat)

"I felt relaxed getting gauged in the interesting topics of conversation. A lovely 'safe' environment to speak openly." - Emma (Spa coaching experience)



Dionne first came to yoga in 2008 following a long awaited diagnosis of grade 3 congenital spondylolisthesis, (75% slip of one of her lumbar vertebrae). Experiencing movement restriction with severe pain she put on excess weight. At her heaviest, she weighed 23 stone. Dionne felt increasingly miserable and adrift. Little did she know all was not lost…

In 2009 came a fantastic spinal surgeon with a difference; an experienced professional that advocated trying alternatives to spinal surgery first when possible. Top on their list was yoga and manual therapy. Dionne gradually got back down to a healthy weight and rebuilt her strength by developing her yoga practice and eating a wholefoods based diet.

In 2011, Dionne was advised that her spinal slip was still present but was stable and that surgery could be taken off the table for the time being. She felt transformed; she felt strong and was pain free. Keen to learn more and share the knowledge with others, she qualified as a massage therapist, completed her Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with the renowned Manju Pattabhi Jois in 2013 before completing Hatha Yoga training in Bali in 2015.  

Today, Dionne continues to manage her spinal slippage through yoga, nutrition and manual therapy. Her yoga classes are described as mindful. Encouraging students to feel liberated, she guides them through connecting with their bodies. She loves that there is always to go for a challenge in yoga.



Your investment for this experience is only £230 per person!


I look forward to you joining me! 

As ever if you have any questions or comments... check out the current event page and get involved, or ping me an email: hello@includingcake.com to book your space!