So here we go, let’s take the first step on our journey to Sugar Free Satisfaction….

How are you feeling right now? 

Is there a word or feeling that sprung to mind the moment I asked that question?

Thoughts and feelings…tune into them and listen closely as they’ll be guiding you through the next few weeks and beyond. In quitting sugar you’ll be battling a deep seated addiction to gain control of, and work in tune with the mind-body connection. I’ll be guiding you through the process step by step and providing you with the tools and tips to integrate into your life.

Let’s be clear on this… going sugar free is not a diet, it’s ultimate focus is not one of restriction, compromise or calorie counting. It’s a path to clearing the body and mind to create a lifestyle of choice. 

But let’s also be clear on this part too… it probably won’t feel easy be easy in the beginning! I know one of the reasons it took me so long to quit sugar was because it all seemed so overwhelming. I didn’t have a clue where to start or what it actually entailed.

That is exactly why I created this step-by-step workbook!



increased energy - reduced cravings

weight loss - stabilised mood

 better sleep - a clearer mind

better digestion - clearer skin

...and a huge sense of empowerment!


Let's take a look inside... Four Weeks to quitting sugar...

Prep week:

Get your mindset grounded and and ready for action. We look at your current diet and begun making small shifts to help ease you into next week and put you in the best position for success. You do not need to be vegetarian or vegan to take this programme by many means, but from experience it helps with more deeply cleansing the body if animal products are reduced. I found that many other 'quit sugar' programmes or guides tended to focussed quite heavily on fats and animal products, and that is absolutely not a necessity to quitting sugar. Pack in as many plant foods as you can... you'll feel amazing for it!

Week 1:   

This week is about deepening our awareness of our habits- always fascinating to see what comes up! Getting educated on the cold hard facts of sugar and cleansing our cupboards to kick temptations! We look at 'crowding out' and refilling our cupboards with new goodies.

Week 2: 

Now we are getting down to business.. cutting the candy and the coke, the cake and the cookies! Now we also become aware of what we eat when out and about and how to make changes without compromise.  This week also focussing in on the benefits of maximising hydration and fun ways to create new habits.

Week 3:

We dig deeper into cravings and our deep seated emotional connection to food. We look at 'comforts' 'distraction' and  'rewards' and ways you can make powerful lifelong shifts to keep you in control. 

Week 4:

It is easy to spot the ‘known sugars’ …the biscuits, cakes, chocolate, jam, jellies, ice cream and sweets… BUT what about the hidden sugars? We bring the insidious side of the food industry to light and also shine a light on the truth behind low fat products. We also took at the truth behind fruit and fructose to empower you in many the healthiest choices.

Bonus days: 

When I first ‘quit sugar’ I had a mental clarity I had not felt before, a sustained energy and lightness that I still can’t explain.  Gut health is strongly linked to mental clarity and now is the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time optimising your internal environment. 

Beyond sugar:

This is where we look at future proofing. Taking stock of where you are at, how you feel and most importantly how you want to move forwards.  Armed with a clear mind, the tools you have learned, your go-to recipes, food label knowledge and an arsenal of superfoods… right now you are in the best possible place to go forth and conquer!

Is This Workbook for you?   Oh, It Totally Is if...

  • You think you eat pretty healthily BUT sugar is you nemesis... your downfall. You feel frustrated and out of control around sugar from time to time- you cut it out for a few weeks, then before you know it you're back on the biscuits again.
  • You generally feel a bit 'meh', often lethargic, struggle to get going in the morning or often feel bloated without obvious reason.
  • You often feel overwhelmed when making lifestyle changes on your own and don't know where to start. 
  • You are simply curious to understand how much better you could feel in body and mind. Knowledge is power!

So, is this Four-week programme calling to you?



Awesome! You will receive one digital workbook download complete with food diary and countdown chart. Document in PDF ready to view on all devices.


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  • The Drink Up Challenge Guide - optimal hydration is  so often overlooked and this challenge guide is packed with top tips.

  • The Ultimate Bliss Ball Guide - aka 'energy balls', these are arguably THE most popular treats on the health scene today. Get in on the action with 20 top recipes to make in minutes. Freezer friendly and no oven required! 


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Hi I’m Jo! I’m the nutrition & mindset coach behind Including Cake and creator of heathy Toppers. 

I see nutrition as the gateway to your optimum self.

What first began, as an extension of my personal lifestyle change, became all encompassing after I completed a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. My mind opened wide and this furthered my desire to empower others in exploring their path to optimal heath and so I qualified as Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. For me, optimal health is the channel through which you step into your optimal life.