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Personal Coaching

"I never realised how important life coaching could be. I can honestly say that you have added so much to my life. I have come out of this experience re-energised, confident and with a clear idea on how I will manage my future." - Carlos, Capoeria Instructor

"I was working as a nurse doing horrendous shift variations and trying to stick to my three meals a day even though I may be asleep in the day and awake at night. Jo gradually got me introducing some healthy simple foods that would fit in at anytime of day. I explore veganism with her and have been on a couple of her retreats. We have also ended up firm friends.. Things just seemed to evolve out of the sessions. One week we would be talking about soaking overnight oats the next relationships or stress. Her approach became gradually a holistic approached rather than just nutrition focused. Though by her very nature she is a natural nutrition ambassador. She is very enthusiastic and sharp. Her forthright approach will mean she is able to point things out that others may try and smooth talk around. It worked for me and I know many others she has helped. Jo is now an integral part of my life and the things that bond us have evolved as a result of the time I spent with her as a coaching client." - Jude, Nurse

"I feel that the coaching I received was very helpful. It made me look at things differently and told me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I feel that with Jo's support and guidance I could reach my goals and I learned to believe in myself and have more confidence without the coaching I think I would have still been stuck in the past".  - Sam

"I had just found out I was intolerant to wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts so thought it would be quite challenging to find things that I could eat. I really enjoyed experimenting with Jo's recipes . I also worked with Jo because I was binge eating occasionally. I liked the fact that our work wasn't about losing weight but about looking at why you eat and noticing daily habits and having a healthy attitude towards food. Now I can actually say I only eat food that is nutritious, all thanks to Jo's wholefood advice and recipes, plus I feel like I'm having a treat!"  - Alison, Yoga/Pilates teacher

"For support, encouragement & inspiration to live your best life yet & create the level of wellness you've been longing for, look no further than inspirational personal performance + health coach, Jo Hodson. I am genuinely yet to meet anyone who exudes as much passion, excitement and commitment to changing the lives of others as Jo. Get in touch to allow her to work some transformational magic in your life!"  - Katie , Wellness Coach

"I am grateful for the opportunity to come here, be welcomed, accepted and cared for and the space to explore, reflect and begin to dream again." - Maya, retreat participant.

"Every aspect of the experience allowed me to delve deeper into learning more about myself, how nutrition can support my wellbeing both mind and body and to empower myself to live beyond one’s comfort zone". - Jaina, retreat participant

"It felt like coming home, space to BE!" - Lisaretreat participant

"I have learned loads about myself, I met wonderful people that feel the same as me inside. This is the closest I get outside 'recovery' in connection with feelings, emotions and understanding". - Jude, retreat participant.

"Thank you so much Jo, I cannot begin to explain how the retreat has changed so much for me on the way I view myself and life. I am a warrior!" - Emma, retreat participant.  

"Delicious love food for the soul, Jo pours her love into every mouthful and it tastes amazing" - Simon, retreat participant.  

"Jo IS love, inside & out & in everything she creates, whether food or creative art work & expression."  - Sue, retreat participant.  

"Jo your love of creating and serving came through in every mouthful. I felt nourished and nurtured by your soul food, with every plate a story of creation. You inspired curiosity and conversation each mealtime, creating a loving space for us to gather and replenish. You also dispelled so many stories I tell myself about plant based food being 'hard' to implement into day to day life, no excuses!" - Natasha, retreat participant.

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Group Retreats

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Talks & Workshops

“The feelings I had in me before we did anything where a mixture of nerves and fear! But when you made it so easy for everyone to let go of that it was amazing. In a split second, I went from total nerves to total confidence and I could feel the chemical shift with me!” - Linda, Firewalk Participant

"Jo has such a enthusiastic and inspirational way for how you can be creative with food.  After going on one of her workshops (Energy Bliss Balls) not only do I create some amazing treats but it has really inspired me to be so much more creative with my recipes. This makes not only creating dishes fun but also eating so many inspiring and nutritional tastes.  You'll be inspired by Jo's guidance.” - Sonia, workshop participant

"Thank you for a very informative seminar Jo... your passion of plant based nutrition was evident through your knowledge & delivery yesterday! Looking forward to getting some inspiration with the ingredients I brought too... You’ve inspired me to further my “eating clean” lifestyle which is still only at embryo stage and I have a long way to go, but will most certainly enjoy the journey!" - Radha, seminar participant

"I use Including Cake for inspiration when I want to make something tasty and new but I don't know what. I've passed the link on to quite a few people who either want to try vegan food or also fancy something different as the recipes are easy to follow and are good to make. My favourite is the lentil bolognese.” - Linda, longtime blog follower

"Before my pregnancy, I was super fit but probably not the healthiest I could be (mostly due to laziness in the kitchen and taking it for granted that I was tall and slim!) however, after 9 months of the worst sickness imaginable and many stints in hospital trying to keep my baby, it's fair to say I was in a bit of a mess! Being diagnosed with "malnutrition" throughout my pregnancy, I needed some serious help and motivation! That's where Jo came in! I honestly have found her kindness and knowledge invaluable... And after sampling several different recipes, I was blown away! I know my journey back to health is not going to be a short or easy one- but I can honestly say that Including Cake is going to help me get there!"  - Marian, Frazzled mother of a 1 year old boy

“I met Jo about a year ago and she’s been an excellent person to know. She’s knowledgeable and passionate and it comes through in her food. Jo doesn’t just say it, she embodies the healthy plant based lifestyle. She knows first hand what an immensely huge factor the fuel you use for your body has on....everything. Mood, energy, life longevity; the list goes on. I have tasted many of Jo’s creations and Wholeplus is a winner. Any consultation I have, I throw Wholeplus into the conversation so clients can see first hand, the kind of food that makes you look and feel like a champion. Jo’s products tick every box. Healthy, tasty and creative.”  - Toby, Personal Trainer

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Nutrition & Blog

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“With nutrition being such an important element of fitness, it’s really important to me that I know what I’m eating is the most natural and pure source of energy. Of course what also helps is that all Wholeplus products taste fantastic as well! I can’t recommend them highly enough and have already been passing them on to my friends to try.” - Thomas, Cycling Enthusiast

"Loved the wholeplustoppers! I avoid eating refined sugar but have a sweet tooth so I'm always on the look out for new things to try, so this was perfect as everything is tasty, all packaged up ready to go and you get recipe ideas!” - Faye, Wholeplus customer

“I was surprised at how delicious these are! We have used them to add a little extra to healthy desserts as well as on fruity breakfasts. They last for ages as they are so tasty that only a sprinkle is needed. Great choices and fun to use.” - Wholeplus customer

"Well done Jo the box is an absolute delight!!! The flavour options were lovely & my kids loved them on their morning porridge, smoothie bowls & sprinkled on ice cream :-)  Can't wait to try more” - Wholeplus customer

“Jo’s humanity and her exquisite cooking were essential elements to the success of our Norway retreat. Eating Vegan for a week was edgy for everyone in the group, but Jo consistently delighted us with creative and satiating comfort food that fuelled our bodies and souls. Her food brought us together at mealtimes, family style, fostering a deep connection amongst the group. Compliments were abundant, leftovers were not.

Jo brings a warmth, love, and creativity to food that elevates the experience of eating. And she operates with remarkable flexibility, from sourcing local ingredients to preparing spontaneous energy snacks (or group meals when other plans fall through!). I’m still dreaming about her amazingly creamy spinach dip that somehow had no actual cheese in it!

Eating at home will never feel the same.” - Shelly P , Coach

“Wow! I recently had the privilege of eating Jo’s meals during a retreat for four whole days. Jo has such a friendly, relaxed nature and she takes you on a journey as she prepares each of her meals. I was blown away with the quality and the deliciousness of everything she created. It was so full of flavour and demonstrated to me that vegan food doesn’t need to be boring. I can’t recommend Jo enough" - Nathan S, Coach

“You just keep loving and serving. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for being the heartbeat to the weekend.” - Simon C, Coach

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Retreat Catering

Much love and gratitude for all the kind words...

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