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STEP OUT of the busyness of life.

NURTURE your inner voice and find your true you.

NOURISH your mind, body and soul.

LEARN about plant-based food and nutrition.

TUNE IN to the magical energy of Lanzarote.  

GAIN the confidence to build a more creative, peaceful and purposeful life. 

DISCOVER and deepen your own yoga and mindfulness practice. 

FEEL SUPPORTED by a close knit group of inspiring people.

RECONNECT with your inner child, the playful and curious soul within.

IT'S HAPPENING...  5th - 12th NOVEMBER 2016




The first retreat was an incredible experience, the most fulfilling experience of my life, one which I feel these photos and words from my tribe express better than I ever could. I hope you enjoy enjoy this photo reel and choose to join me at one of my next retreats on the island!


After the huge success of the first retreat... it's all happening again!  A week long immersive experience for optimising your wellness on the beautiful island of Lanzarote... life coaching, vegan food and workshops, mindfulness, yoga, nature walks and more all come together to create an incredible environment for deep spiritual, mental and physical growth.

There are only 8 SPACES available for a unique small group experience. The retreat will be a intensive personal journey and it is this close knit community that will create the foundation of learning and opening up to receive. 

Dates: Saturday 5th -12th November 

Where: Tias, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Cost: £750 before April 30th 2016. £890 thereafter. (£250 deposit upon booking with full payment to be received by 1st October. Monthly instalments can be discussed).

Who: Men and women ready to open their heart and soul and get curious!


WHAT DO YOU GET FOR THE PRICE? (a crazy good price!)

  • 7 nights accommodation- twin rooms
  • Airport transfers and car hire
  • Full board- 3 vegan meals per day plus snacks
  • Nutritional advice
  • Daily Ashtanga Yoga sessions
  • Group coaching and personal 1-1 coaching
  • Daily mindfulness walks and hikes across the island
  • Vegan cooking workshops and nutrition
  • Acro-massage (optional extra)
  • Options for extending your stay on the island
  • Personalised welcome goodie bag

Flights are not included. All activities are entirely optional with plenty of free time each day. All food served will be vegan (please advise of any allergies/sensitivities at time of booking enquiry).


Beautiful words and extracts expressed by my incredible tribe who joined my on the first retreat...

I made some beautiful friends last week and I truly hope we all stay in touch. We started the week as strangers and ended as close friends with deep connections.- Jude

Thank you so much Jo, I cannot begin to explain how the retreat has changed so much for me on the way I view myself and life. I am a warrior! - Emma

This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made to come here. I feel the safest I have ever felt out of my 12 step fellowship to share my story, give some history and explain the wonderful 12 steps I have. I have cried good tears a lot today. And I have laughed so much I nearly wet myself. - Jude

Jo is one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met. She is truly enthusiastic and passionate about serving others. Her authenticity was reflected in her beautiful food! I felt so light , refreshed and energised throughout the retreat - Jaina

Home after a truly fantastic experience on Jo’s retreat. The vegan food has been amazing!! The group, none who had met before, were inspirational individually and collectively. Something has changed in me!! Thank you all - Paul

It's weird how you can be stripped bare in a week from being so honest and then built back up again to the time you are leaving to face your normal routine. I will be reflecting a lot on that in the next few weeks. I feel like a different person. Whenever I feel like its slipping again I just hear someone's voice in my head from the retreat saying positive things and I'm ok again. What a powerful group Jo! - Emma

 It's been the most memorable time, met some great people, learnt a lot, had a few tears and laughed so much it hurt, sunshine and great food (thanks Jo!!) - so not a bad combo... I'll be coming back. - Steve

I can’t thank you enough Jo and Daniel for creating the most unforgettable experience of my life! I truly stepped outside of my comfort zone, challenged myself both mentally and physically, absorbed all the goodness from jo’s fabulous food, developed special friendships with a lovely bunch of people plus much more! - Jaina

Utterly life enhancing, the tastiest, healthiest food I've ever eaten, superb villa and the most fabulous group of people I've ever met. I feel like I have learnt a years worth of life lessons in only a week’ - Emma

After the success of the first retreat, whilst the energy and the magic was still coursing through me, I recorded a video of my own personal thoughts and feelings of the experience. It was simply created for me, as a way of documenting my own journey but maybe it can also serve you in understanding my energy and how the experience could transform you, and also the background to how these retreats came to be. It's 20 minutes long but if you are potentially intrigued to join me, I encourage you to watch the video and get a deeper understanding as to whether the experience is right for you.



You all know me well already... it is my website after all and there is plenty of information to give a sense of my mindset and the essence of the retreat!  If you listened to my short video clips above you'll know that this collaborative opportunity came about as complete coincidence... an act of the universe aligning our paths! Miracles do happen.

I'll be offering the coaching and nutritional aspects of the retreat whilst Daniel will be offering the exploration into yoga and mindfulness, the experience of the island through guided walks as well as the richness of his shamanic journey.

Here is some more about Daniel in his own words...

Daniel by Andrea 1.jpg

Hi! I'm Daniel Braunschweig. I was born in Switzerland in 1965 and for 19 years I have lived on the island of Lanzarote. The austerity of the landscape and the force of its volcanoes have always inspired me.

MY PAST: In the late 90s I began the rehabilitation of an old house that was transformed into a magical center of seminars and retreats for personal development. I had the opportunity to meet and work for more than 10 years with instructors from different spiritual traditions from Eastern philosophy and yoga, to the latest therapies in Switzerland, Germany and England, to the indigenous traditions of  South America. It was the latter that most impressed me and touched my heart. So, for seven years, I organized and shared "Ceremonies of Sacred Plants of the Amazon" with different shamans in several countries.

From everything I've seen so far, the "Shamanic Way" is the most interesting, direct and profound.

MY PRESENT: 3 years ago began a new phase. I left the center, had a daughter and entered a simpler and humble phase of my life.

MY PROPOSAL: In these times of change I want to offer you the chance to reconnect with the wisdom of the earth and discover the "Shamanic Way," a lifestyle marked by simplicity and depth.

  • Walks in mindfulness on paths off the beaten track.
  • Connect with the body through Yoga and Acrosage
  • Principles of a shamanic diet and lifestyle

We will create an atmosphere where the felt presence of the immediate moment has the highest importance, so that we can rediscover the mystery of life and existence.


Acrobatic Massage or AcroSage was originated by Benjamin Marantz in 1987 and has now many students worldwide. Acro Yoga is one of the movements that have been inspired by AcroSage where Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing meet.

AcroSage is the Art of letting go - of being true to myself in a society where at every step and corner we are asked to consume and look for things we don’t really need.

In AcroSage we create something beautiful together out of nothing, just using the gift of our bodies. In our retreat we could take a closer look at the twelve steps of AcroSage and its three major holding positions.


Yoga is not about being more or less flexible than the person next to me. It has nothing to do with competitiveness.

It is an art of being at peace with the body and its natural flow. It is not about copying the posture of the teacher. The teacher is just an inspiration of one possible way of doing this asana or posture. I have to discover how far I can go in this moment with this posture – it might be less than yesterday, so be it!

Daniel Braunschweig studied AcroSage with a student of Benjamin Marantz in England and has then developed his own style. In this 7 minute video you find a good resume of what Acrobatic Massage can do.

Curious to explore more?  

Listen to your intuition and get in touch whilst your energy is high. There are very limited spaces... when they are gone, they really are gone!  Email me and let's have a chat about everything... hello@includingcake.com