How can coaching support me?

I offer coaching support in two main ways…

  • Be Visible - Are you an artisan, a holistic practitioner, a wellness advocate or personal development specialist? My coaching-led design package may well be for you!

  • Personal 1-1 coaching delivered over 3, 6 or 12 months (pure coaching without the design elements).





My mission in this life is to help people reconnect to their innate creativity. Allowing space and giving you permission to show up from that place of natural flow and authenticity.


Are you a heart-centred and multi-passionate person with a number of strands to your business or life, who often feels overwhelmed when it comes to showing up and embracing all of what you do and who you are?


Our work together blends deep personal coaching, empowered writing and design. Teasing out your 'why' and your core values, embracing all of your skills and passions. Ultimately allowing you to share your voice and your gifts so that the world can see who you truly are.


"I help people experience ALL of themselves"

I believe we are all innately creative and that our personal creative expression is uniquely diverse and multi-faceted, built upon our core values. I am passionate about helping you unlock this unique and brilliant potential. But don’t be fooled… this may be a rollercoaster ride where you’ll be faced with embracing the messy along the way to meeting the magical!

If you are feeling uncertain of your personal core values, what creativity means for you or your intentions to move you forwards from where you are now… I invite you to download the Golden Thread Workbook to create some extra clarity.

You may be looking to...

  • Kickstart a new project or shift direction in your career…

  • Strip back the layers and take action on what really makes you come alive…

  • Give yourself permission to truly live your life on your own terms…

  • Deepen your relationships with yourself and those around you…

  • Elevate your physical and mental health…

What is it you really, really want to create in your life?

Yes, I'm interested in personal coaching…

What does the process involve?

Coaching at its core simply involves deep, authentic conversation, space to be truly seen and heard where nothing is off limits. You may like to read ‘10 reasons I am not the coach for you’ (if you haven’t already)

Beyond that, I aim to integrate a deep sense of grounding and space for reflection in nature where possible. There are many scientific studies that show how important spending time in nature really is, not only from a health perspective but also to assist powerful mindset shifts. My method of coaching is 'expansive' for both myself and my clients, and results are intensified when walking and moving the body - energy is quite literally shifted through this process. Where possible we'll spend time together in nature or depending on location I will encourage you to explore this for yourself. Read more on the link between nature, movement & mindset

Moving towards a more whole-food plant-based diet and reducing refined and processed foods is another of the tools I use to support the process of opening up to a deeper, more intuitive sense of self and set the body-mind magic in motion. These dietary shifts are by no means essential, but are an organic progression that many clients find themselves exploring as part of our work together, or are a value they already hold in their lives. Read more on the link between creativity & diet

How will it work?

We typically work together in a 3, 6 or 12 month programme depending upon your goals, needs and desires. Sessions are via video or audio Zoom calls or in person, with unlimited email support between sessions.

In our 1-1 sessions I offer you a safe space, free from judgement and full of possibility for you to explore and embrace the messy and the magical to find your own source of innate creativity to achieve your goals.

What's the investment?

An investment in working 1-1 with me begins at £1200, but there are many options to explore so first let's have a conversation to dive into your specific situation and take things from there. I only work with people who are a great fit for what I offer and if we both get that vibe from our initial connection the first session is on me!

The first step is to reach out to me via email.


How will I know if I’m ready?

  • You are committed to creating a more meaningful life, and don’t just feel inspired or curious about going there, but deeply committed in taking action.

  • You have reviewed the Golden Thread workbook and have a sense of what matters most to you.

  • You have read this post and have the time and resources to commit to a coaching relationship.

  • You are willing to let your heart pound and lean into the edge of fear to stretch beyond your comfort zone to get to a place you have never been before. 

Is that you?

…then get in touch with a few words on where you are at and let’s explore more together!