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What Can Creativity Coaching Do For you?

I work with people who have lost their mojo for life and want to access their innate creativity. I believe we were all born to create. I believe the essential ingredients for deep lifelong creativity are exactly the same for everybody: curiosity, courage, commitment, permission and trust - and those elements are universally accessible.

In our 1-1 sessions together I offer you a safe space, free from judgement and full of possibility, for you to go deep and get curious about every aspect of creating your optimal life. Together we'll explore 'creativity' in it's broadest sense. It's not about unleashing your inner artist, (although I might encourage you to play), but simply an invitation to get deeply curious and challenge yourself in new ways...  Elizabeth Gilbert sums it up so wonderfully:



Moving towards a more plant-based wholefood diet is one of the key tools I use to optimise that process of opening up to deeper creativity and set the body-mind magic in motion. This is by no means essential, but is simply an organic progression that many choose to explore as part of our work together. You can find more information on the link between creativity and diet in this blog post.

Where Do you Want To Create More Magic In Your Life?

You may be looking to...

  • Kickstart a project or shift direction in your career
  • Strip back the layers and find out what really makes you come alive
  • Deepen your relationships with yourself and those around you
  • Elevate your physical and mental health

What is it you really, really want to create?

No matter what your ultimate goal, the clients I work with all meet three important criteria:

  1. They are deeply committed.
  2. They are deeply curious.
  3. They are ready to invest in themselves.

There is no set agenda. You are the agenda. Together we create a new reality.

So, Are you ready for coaching?

Not everyone is ready for coaching right now... but here's how you will know. 

If you are committed to creating a more meaningful life, and don’t just feel inspired or curious about going there, but deeply committed in taking action. If you are willing to let your heart pound and lean into the edge of fear to stretch beyond your comfort zone to get to place you have never been before yet so deeply desire. 

If you've read this far and can feel the energy rise,  if you’re ready to step up and say YES to your potential and YES to becoming the person you know you can be… Let’s talk and explore more together!